Getting Lost in Venice

Getting lost in Venice Italy-

Hello, you beautiful works of art! How are you today? I’ve been feeling more fresh and alive lately which I think has to do with the change of season. Spring is definitely a time for rejuvenation and lightness. Also, I had my first holiday and I really had a great time! Venice was one of those places I’d dreamt about visiting with my then significant other and so we were no more I put that on the back burner. That was until I slapped myself and said, if I really want to go see the place then I’ll go (yay me!).

Anyway, a friend of mine asked me earlier this year if I was doing anything for Easter (which was also around my birthday) and when I told her nothing, she suggested we make a plan. Fast forward to 2 days before the break and we flew off to beautiful Venice and got lost.

Beautiful Venice

Venice is one of those places where you get lost in the streets, history, and culture. Everything is so simple, yet elegant pieced together. Streets turn into alleyways and lead to unexpected places.

The buildings look as though they hold a multitude of secrets from a time long ago and yet hold their majesty. Waterways are busy like the motorway (highway) in major cities.

Following the sounds, smells (I see why it’s suggested not to go during summer…slightly smelly here and there) we wandered around just being in awe of everything whilst eating gelatos here and there.

A holiday and birthday that was truly magical in it’s own way.

Cardigan- H&M; T-shirt and jeans- Primark; Jacket- All Saints; Trainers- Nike

As you can see it’s so easy to get lost in this beautiful magical place but who would mind? 🙂 As always thank you for reading. Comment below if you’ve been to Venice before and what did you enjoy about it?

Until next time, be well


Originally published in April 2016

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