How to Improve Your Wellbeing

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Hello my lovelies how are we doing this last week in November? Did you survive the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness? It’s official, Christmas is less than a month away! Eek! Before we go into the madness that the holiday season can bring, let’s take a moment to look at how to improve your wellbeing. Life can be overwhelming, especially at this time of year and we can forget about ourselves, which is a recipe for burnout.

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How to Improve Your Wellbeing


I’ve spoken about it and lots of experts talk about the benefits of exercise, not only physically but also mentally. When you feel good within your body that has a positive impact on your self-confidence and decision-making skills. You are also helping things like your joints, heart and brain. With so many events taking place, it can be challenging to find the time but trust me you can. Instead of sitting at your desk to have lunch, get outside for 20 minutes and walk. Or, if you’re a gym bunny go early morning.

Eat Your Veggies

I am not your mother, but eat your veggies! You don’t have to eat all the vegetables under the sun, but maybe go with seasonal vegetables. Fill up your plate with colourful vegetables to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet. I’m a big fan of Vegetable boxes and get one from Abel & Cole but I know there are lots of options. If finances are tight, Lidl’s have started a £1.50 5kg box. Furthermore, supplements can be useful to those looking to keep an overall balanced diet. Now that you can get CBD in edible form from websites like Promise Nutraceuticals, this is a popular option for those looking to feel better in themselves and rid themselves of any anxiety they might be feeling. 

Toxic Friendships

There’s nothing worse than having friends that tear you down. If you find yourself with a friend who leaves you drained and exhausted after each meeting, maybe it’s time to re-think that friendship. Friends are meant to lift each other up, support each other and be able to tell you when you’re being a ridiculous! If, you’re only receiving negativity then perhaps you could talk to that person or, no longer have them in your life. Your friendship circle is not meant to traumatise you.

Sun Yourself

My final tip for how to improve your wellbeing is to get some sunshine. We human beings need to see and be in the natural light. Being in the sun releases serotonin which is our happy hormone. I know there are a few people who like the darker days, but your body still needs the sun to thrive. It can be a challenge living in the UK but it’s still worth it. Besides making us feel happy, getting a bit of sunshine helps our body produce vitamin D, lowers blood pressure and improves our brain function.

These are simple ways on how to improve your wellbeing overall. What are the tips you use for improving your wellbeing? Share in the comments below and don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter or Bloglovin.

Until next time, be well!


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