Rinse and Restyle Black Jeans

rinse and restyle black jeans - feature

Hello my fashion giraffes! This is my very first fashion post of 2019 and I am very excited! We live in such a throw away society that sometimes the things we have in our closet gets left behind for the latest shiny thing. In light of this I’ve decided to this series where I style an item a couple of ways. More if I can! I have decided to do a monthly fashion series called, Rinse and Restyle. My first post is, Rinse and Restyle Black Jeans.

I’ve always wanted to own a pair of Levis jeans and when I finally did, I was not disappointed. Fast forward to a couple years ago when looking for a pair of black high waisted jeans, Leanne Lim Walker did a video on the mile-high jeans. Since then, I’ve bought 2 pairs and never looked back.

Rinse and Restyle Black Jeans

We all pretty much have a pair of black jeans somewhere in our cupboards and I wanted to do a couple of looks showcasing what I would wear on a weekend away. So keep reading if you’d like to see how I Rinse and Restyle black jeans casually.

Look 1

The first look is very simple with a mostly black palette and a faux fur coat in a cognac colour thrown on for warmth. Also, I’d like to mention that black and brown do go together.

rinse and restyle black jeans - all black outfit

I like to think this look would be perfect for travelling to and from the airport. Or, it’s great for your first night in the new city enjoying some local delicacies.

rinse and restyle - faux fur coat

The black knee high boots add some extra warmth and give you a sophisticated look. Basically you can walk into a nice restaurant and not be turned away.

rinse and restyle black jeans

Look 2

The second look in this rinse and restyle black jeans series is a denim shirt with trainers. I love the look of denim on denim especially, black denim and blue denim.

rinse and restyle black jeans- denim shirt

To add a bit of warmth, I put on a thermal vest (Uniqlo are awesome!) and a favourite vintage tshirt. Not only did it keep me warm but, I was comfortable for sightseeing and doing hop on hop off tours.

rinse and restyle black jeans- denim and tshirt

Of course a casual denim look isn’t complete without some trainers. I was comfy, cosy and looked pretty ok.

rinse and restyle black jeans- trainers

How would you rinse and restyle black denim jeans? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time, be well! x

photos taken by Arvinder Mawarha

Outfit 1: jeans; knit jumper (old) similar; suede boots (old) similar. Outfit 2: denim shirt; vintage t-shirt (old) similar; trainers; faux fur coat

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