How to Style a Blue Jumper

How to Style a Blue Jumper

Hello my lovely giraffes! Happy November! The rest of 2018 is flying by like the end of a loo (toilet paper) roll! Today’s post is about a blue jumper I got from Nastygal when they had their 50% off sale. I chose it because it’s cold and with the dreary winters we get in the UK, I felt a bright colour would help combat winter blues. Read on to find out how to style a blue jumper.

How to Style a Blue Jumper

Black and White Skirt

I had a black and white leopard skirt from Boohoo and thought the colour combinations would go perfectly. I paired with some burgundy knee high boots to complete the look.

how to style a blue jumper- leopard print skirt

This is an outfit I would wear to work with a leather jacket for added warmth.

how to style a blue jumper- back view


Jeans and Trainers

I love a casual look and had to style the blue jumper with my favourite pair of jeans at the moment. They’re from H&M and are so comfy, sufficient rips and rose gold buttons instead of a zip.

How to style a blue jumper- trainers

To add to the casual look, I threw on a pair of addidas trainers and a Burberry trench coat. The coat I bought 2 years ago second hand and got it for a really good deal! You don’t always need to buy brand new especially if it’s an investment piece like a Burberry trench. I also got the statement earrings from Nastygal, which are surprisingly light to wear. Click here to check out their statement earrings.

how to style a blue jumper- trench coat

You could also style the blue jumper with leather leggings or, a pair of shorts over leggings and boots. Now I’d love to know how would you style the blue jumper? Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for inspiration.

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