Hotel Bucketlist, Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid

Gran Hotel Inglés- main

Okay my travel junkies today’s post I’m going doing the second installment in my hotel bucketlist series. If you missed the first one you can check it out here. So read on and get to know more about the second choice of my hotel bucketlist, Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid.

Hotel Bucketlist, Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid

The History

The Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid is one of the oldest hotels in that part of Spain. It was originally opened in 1886 and many years later it was acquired by Hidden Away Hotels who, refurbished the hotel and they re-opened this year. Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid is in a prime location being near theatres, museums and restaurants. This hotel is near to a train station as well, making it easy to move around. Although, looking at the rooms I may find it hard to leave.

The Hotel

From what I can tell there are about 48 rooms in this hotel; 5 different types of rooms which range from deluxe to premium. There are also 5 different types of suites that range from junior to royal suite. There’s a spa, fitness centre and 2 restaurants.

Gran Hotel Inglés- suite


gran hotel ingles - hotel room

Everything about the Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid screams luxury but not in an ostentatious way. It has understated elegance with art deco features yet still looks modern. I’m not sure how they did it, but they did!

Gran Hotel Inglés- the spa

The Restaurant

As I previously mentioned there are 2 restaurants inside the Gran Hotel Inglés. There’s Lobo 8 which appears to be very traditional in look and style. The hotel says that the dishes are made from fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Gran Hotel Inglés- the restaurant


The other restaurant is more geared towards those who enjoys a tipple or 3! Wines and cocktails feature on the menu along with an express menu.

Gran Hotel Inglés- the bar

I have to say, looking at the photos of this bar it reminds me of the Gatsby era where luxury and decadence met.

The Price

By looking at these photos and hearing some of the history, I am sure you would not be surprised to know that room rates start from € 290.70 per night. This would be the kind of birthday treat to give someone or yourself!

What do you think about my second entry on my hotel bucketlist, Gran Hotel Ingles in Madrid. Maybe I can save up to spend one night there for my next birthday. It’s a big one so we shall see 🙂

Let me know if you’ve been to this hotel before. Or, if you would love to visit this place? I reply to as many comments as I can so join in!

As always thank you for reading and commenting.

Until next time, be well!


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