How Helpful the Joy of Missing Out is

Hello my lovely giraffes! Todhow helpful the joy of missing out is

Hello my lovely giraffes! Today’s post is about how helpful the joy of missing out is. I’m sure you’ve heard about FOMO (fear of missing out) and a lot of people do get an acute case of this. Me included! So you’ve been scrolling through your social media feed and see that everyone is going to that party. Or, that trip that you really wanted to go on but it just didn’t happen. I feel you and completely can relate to those feelings. Have you tried blogging where brands only look at numbers, a particular age, look and size? No shade to those killing it in their respective fields but let’s be real about how the world works. So don’t feel bad, instead take that FOMO that you’re feeling and flip it so you benefit.

How Helpful the Joy of Missing Out Is

Get Creative

As you can tell I’m not a big blogger so I don’t get invited to a lot of PR events. Of course this can be a bit of a downer but it is what it is. What I have started to do is flip it on its head and use my time to get my creative juices flowing. I listen to what people talk about everyday and create content that will help and inform. For example, I didn’t know about the Alex Steinherr and Primark launch until I saw the pre-launch on social media. I liked the claims of the products and decided to review it. The joy of missing out helped me create some good content.

Tip: you didn’t get invited so daydream about what you would have done if you were invited. Maybe create your own event or, look into how you could be invited next year.

Rest and Relaxation

I’ve always been a person always on the go. I remember years ago my mom saying to someone, ‘sure you can visit Majean if she has time’. It’s a little sad to think that I was so busy I couldn’t see someone but you live and you learn. And what I have learned is that taking time out for rest and relaxation is absolutely necessary. It’s good for your mental and physical health. I suffer from insomnia and it’s caught up with me and it’s not fun but JOMO is allowing me to be more present to myself.

Tip: ask yourself if going to that event will add value to your life or could you spend the time that leaves you feeling full?


Another way how helpful the joy of missing out is, that it can act as motivation. It can motivate you to uplevel your skills. Not being involved in everything stops you from being distracted. Some of that energy can be used to nourish the neglected parts of yourself. You will have time to spend with those who really matter and less on the fluffy stuff of life. Not to be a party pooper but, when your mother dies you put things into perspective. Who and what truly matters because life is short.

Tip: recognise how much time you have and what fun amazing things you can do now.

That’s all from me today and I want to know how helpful the joy of missing out is to you? Or, do you get FOMO really badly? Let me know in the comments and no shade or judgement.

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