• Rinse and Restyle Black Jeans

    rinse and restyle black jeans - feature

    Hello my fashion giraffes! This is my very first fashion post of 2019 and I am very excited! We live in such a throw away society that sometimes the things we have in our closet gets left behind for the latest shiny thing. In light of this I’ve decided to this series where I style an item a couple of ways. More if I can! I have decided to do a monthly fashion series called, Rinse and Restyle. My first post is, Rinse and Restyle Black Jeans.

  • City Break Styling

    city break styling - satin dress

    Hello, my fashion giraffes. Thank you for the love on my last fashion post (read here). I've always wanted to link my love of fashion with my love of travel. What better way than to do a what to wear post? This time it's a city break styling post and I hope you like it!