Tatcha Japanese Beauty Review

Tatcha Japanese beauty review

Hello beautiful beauty junkies! Today’s post is a Tatcha Japanese beauty review. I’ve been interested in trying this brand for ages! Finally it arrived and I was hesitant because of the price. It isn’t a cheap brand however, they do have their travel minis which is much more affordable. Also, a little goes a long way because some of these products I’ve been using consistently for 2 months. Anyway, let’s get go!

Tatcha Japanese Beauty Review

The Deep Cleanse

A gentle exfoliating cleanser that can be used daily especially if you have oily skin. It has luffa fruit and wild rose which leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. When I use it I apply the 60 second rule and my skin loves it! The deep cleanse comes out as a gel but turns into a creamy foam which gently removes dirt and oil. I’ve noticed my skin is much softer, less oily and hydrated especially after using tretinoin. Full size is 150ml and is £41; 50ml is £18. I’ve only just finished the tube which I started in June and used everyday, twice a day! How’s that for value!

Tatcha deep cleanse and rice polish

The Rice Polish Classic

Let me start off by saying, I love this product! This is a foaming enzyme product that contains rice bran and silk protein. You add a little bit of water which turns it into this foaming cleanser. When I used it for the first time, my skin felt so smooth and clean. It didn’t feel harsh on my skin, nor did it strip or irritate it afterwards. It’s a perfect 2nd cleanser especially after using an oil cleanser. It left my skin with a healthy glow and a little bit goes a long way. The 60g is £64 which is hefty! However, the 15g is £21 which is a great price and easy to travel with!

The Silk Serum

This is the only serum I tried from the range as there are 3 different types of serums. The silk serum is a retinol alternative and was the only one that came in a mini version. It contains upcycled cranberry extract, and sea fennel that acts like a retinol to visibly firm and smooth the look of deep wrinkles. It acts on the same factors as retinol to support natural skin turnover and give the look of collagen-rich skin. The consistency is very thin and only a light layer is required. Unlike tretinoin, you can use this serum both morning and night. This is the only product that I need to use a bit longer for. I will say, I didn’t experience any irritation or clogging of pores. Also, my skin did start to feel smoother. The mini size is 10ml for £38 and full size is 30ml for £98.

Tatcha silk serum

The Water Cream Moisturiser

This is such a light weight moisturiser and is perfect for this time of year. Especially if you have an oily, combination skin type. It contains leopard lily to help calm skin, wild rose to control excess oil and smooth skin texture. Despite it being light weight, it doesn’t feel flimsy or insubstantial. It melted effortlessly into my skin and didn’t feel too much. A great consistency that allowed my skin to breathe and look hydrated. This comes in 3 sizes; 75ml is £93, 50ml is £67 and 10ml is £24. I should mention here that Tatcha has a travel kit with the cleanser and moisturiser for £28. It comes in a beautiful container that you won’t want to put in the recycling bin.

This is my Tatcha Japanese Beauty review. Have you tried this brand before? What did you think about it? Whilst I know they’re pricey, the travel sized versions are good value and you get what you pay for. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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