5 Apps and Websites to Use for Discounts

Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to the blog! We all know that there’s a cost of living crisis and some of us don’t have any disposable income or, it’s shrunk considerably. Life is meant to be more than work and sleep and we need to find creative ways to enjoy what’s out there. Here are 5 apps and websites to use for discounts.

5 Apps and Websites to Use for Discounts

Fever App

This is such a great app to use because you can filter according to date and category. There are so many things that you can do, including workshops, tours and candlelight concerts. Want to listen to a tribute to Cold Play? They’ve got something there for you. Plus the’ve got Fever Club which generates cashback everytime you make a purchase. You can then use the cashback against future purchase in the app. Not an affiliate but if you use MAJEANG1 when you sign up, we both will recieve a £5 once you spend it. Enjoy!

5 Apps and Websites to Use for Discounts

Hype Experiences

This is a great website for those who use social media regularly. It’s a great way to try new restaurants, hotels, small businesses and more for a fraction of the cost. You pay a fee which is dependant on the experience that Hype Experience offer. It can run anywhere from £8 to £25, book your date and once approved, you go enjoy. In exchange, you will need to provide a review with photos. If you’re a small content creator this can help you get content.

Discount Websites

These are GroupOn, Wowcher and Living Social. Websites I have used time and time again for a variety of things. I’ve purchased massages, hotels, experiences, facials and more via these websites. If you’re wary about using them, my trick is to select the product or service. See who is offering it and check out the reviews on Google. If there are good reviews, I will go ahead and purchase. There’s also GroupOn in other parts of the world that you can use for experiences. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Central Tickets

This is a membership website that you sign up to for free that has seat filling, discounted theatre tickets, talks and immersive experiences. There are different events each week and you can take family or friends with you. The website has rules you need to follow but don’t worry, it won’t ask for your first born son.

Time Out Offers

I’m sure you’ve heard about Time Out magazine. Well they’ve got a website and more specifically one with offers. You can find restaurants, bars, theatre, things to do and more. At the moment, there’s a sip and paint deal for £25. Or an improvers drawing class at the British Museum. If you subscribe to their website, you get offers delivered to your inbox.

These are the 5 Apps and Websites to Use for Discounts that I use personally. Having different experiences isn’t just for travel. You can explore a different restaurant in another area. Or, you may simply want to try a new class like ceramic or pottery making. It shouldn’t cost you the world to have new experiences. What are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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