My Top 10 Skincare Related Hacks

my top 10 skincare related hacks

Hello beautiful people! How have you been? It’s been freezing here in the UK the last few days so I hope you’re staying warm if you’re experiencing the same kind of weather. So like the post says, I’m sharing my top 10 skincare related hacks. Some of these you probably already know and do, some maybe note. Either way, let’s get to reading!

My Top 10 Skincare Related Hacks

Give Them A Scrub

Let’s start the feet and work our way up! Our feet do so much for us and need a bit of TLC. Whilst showering, use a pumice stone or foot file about 3 times a week on them. It gets rid of the dead skin that gets built up standing on our feet so long. Also, if you start in winter, by the time summer roles around you will baby soft feet! Your welcome!

Laser it Off!

If like me, your body hair is thick and using a razor 2-3 times a week is not the one, think about laser hair removal. I was gifted a sessions for my underarm (read here) however, I found a place that offered discounted laser hair removal. You bought them in bulk which made it more affordable. This is great because it saves a lot of time and effort. My last laser session on my legs was around 2020 and the hair has remained at bay. If you are darker skin tone, like me, make sure the laser and clinic can treat your tone.

Damp it Out!

This hack is all about leaving your skin damp after a shower and then applying your body lotion. It seals in the moisture from your shower which continues to hydrate your skin. This also works for your face. After cleansing your face, leave it a bit damp and apply your serums. Your skin absorbs the product a bit quicker. I wouldn’t use this hack for actives such as, retinol or tretinoin. For those, slow and steady wins the race.


If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I had my eyebrows microbladed. This isn’t my first rodeo with microblading and it was just a top up. I love the effect of microblading and it saves me time when I’m getting ready. Your brows frame your face so naturally you’d like to have them looking perfect, which requires time. A couple hours of your time every 18 to 24 months, is doable. Similar to laser hair removal, please do your research before booking with anyone.

Backhand It!

This hack is easy and such a benefit to a neglected part of our body; the hands. Any excess face product, whether it be serum, moisturiser or spf apply it to the backs of your hands. The skin on the backs of our hands are quite thin so it ages faster. Plus, it helps you not to waste any product.


So this hack is from the fantastic Caroline Hirons, who has a skincare book that’s really helpful. She has an acronym, T.I.T.T.T which stands for, Take It To The Tits. Similar to your hands, the skin on your chest is thin and show signs of ageing, such as, age spots, wrinkles etc., easily. All it means to spread your cleanser, serums, moisturiser and spf all the way down to your chest. If you haven’t started doing this, better late than never.

Body That Cream

Have you ever tried a facial product and it didn’t work for you? It may have too strong for your skin or, too oily. Try it on the rest of your body. If it’s too oily apply it to your elbows, knees and feet. Too strong for your face? What about your arms and legs? Or even your back. If none of that works, then you can always gift it to someone else.

Hydrating Sprays

This skincare hack is for the travellers. Pack a hydrating or moisturising spray in your hand luggage. All flights can dry out your skin due to the air in the cabin. Periodically spraying your face with the spray can help prevent it from drying out. This is great especially on long haul flights where you will be sleeping. Do your regular skincare routine and use the hydrating spray at the end. Use it again before you sleep along with consuming water regularly.

Spend it on the Middle

My final hack is from Caroline Hirons again and it’ll help you save money too! Spend most of your money on the items to the centre of your routine. For me, my cleansers are pretty inexpensive and cost under £15. My moisturiser is from The Ordinary and costs £10. My serums on the other hand cost between £30-£40 and I generally get them on sale. This helps me to keep costs down and my skin glowing. Thank you Caroline!

Soft Lips

Finally, let’s talk about lips. During winter time my lips get dry and they crack. Can you say, ouch! What I do is scrub my lips in the shower with scrubby gloves. Once I’m out of the shower, I leave it damp (again) and apply vaseline which is an occlusive substance which reduces moisture loss.

These are my top 10 skincare related hacks that help me get ready easily and help me to stay moisturised and hydrated. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading and until nex time, be well! x

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