5 Easy Tips to Help You Start Your Glow Up Journey

5 Easy Tips to Help You Start Your Glow Up Journey - majeang.com

Hello beautiful human! If you’re in the UK, I hope that you’re enjoying the shift in warmer weather and blue skies. I really hope the saying, April showers bring May flowers, is true. Anyway, my last post on glowing up I shared some truths people don’t talk about. That said, I wanted to share 5 easy tips to help you start your glow up journey.

5 Easy Tips to Help you Start your Glow Up Journey

Social Media

Let’s start with an easy one. Stay off social media as soon as you wake up in the morning. Give yourself some time to be with yourself. You could journal, pray, meditate or just lay in bed thinking of 5 things to be grateful for. Or, imagining how you would like your day to go. Just give yourself 15 minutes or so to simply meet yourself where you are before you’re bombarded with everyone else’s stuff.

Listen to Something Positive

I use the term positive loosely. Basically, listen to something that makes you feel good on a daily. It could be an audio book, podcast or you can put together all your favourite music into a playlist. I have playlists for working out, when I’m journaling or just because it’s a Sunday. I even have a playlist for when I’m on public transport because honey, I need music to deal with the general public! Anyways, hearing life affirming words whether through a book, podcast or song can have a positive impact on your mentality. If you feel good then you’d make decisions and choices from that place of feeling good.

Get Enough Sleep

A lot of us don’t get enough sleep. I’m one of them and have spoken about this before. Apart from your body and brain needing a break. During sleep blood flow to the skin increases which explains why you can wake up with glowing skin. It also repairs UV damage, rebuilds collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. If you struggle getting enough zzzzzs in then maybe it’s time to speak to your GP about the cause and options available. For me, I found that creating a nighttime routine helps and introducing magnesium glycinate and ashwaghanda. It works for me 85% of the time which has made a big difference to my overall wellbeing.

Dry Brushing

I have written a whole blog post on dry body brushing before so won’t go into it too much here. This is an ayuverdic treatment that has been around for centuries. You can do it once or twice a week, or even more depending on your skin type. Just be sure to not go too hard as micro cuts can happen and pave the way for inflammation. Be that as it may, dry body brushing is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliating the skin. It can also help with removing cellulite. Dry body brushing isn’t for everyone especially if you have sensitive skin or psoriasis.

Daily Movement

A hill that I will die on is that movement helps us in many ways. Movement is not limited to gym, dance classes, walking, jogging, running, wall climbing, pilates, yoga, lifting weights, pole dancing and much more. Find out what you enjoy and go enjoy it wholeheartedly! The reason daily movement helps you glow up is because when you feel good in your body it will boost your self-esteem. Having a high self-esteem radiates and gives you that glow from within.

These are my 5 easy tips to help you start your glow up journey. What tips have you found helpful in your self-improvement journey? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and commenting, until next time be well! X

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