5 Things I Have Learnt From Travelling

I realise how fortunate I am to be able to travel because as much as we think everyone should do it, it isn’t always possible. So I hope what I share inspires you to travel if you can and if you can’t, it shows you what’s out there in the world. With that said here are 5 things I have learnt from travelling.

5 Things I Have Learnt from Travelling

Organisation Skills

I always had okay-ish organisational skills but when I started to travel and had to work out itineraries, book flights, hotels and more. It improved exponentionally! When I travel with friends, usually I’m the one who ends up planning everything. That includes checking everyone in. I’ve been able to use this transferrable skill in all areas of my life. It comes in handy especially in emergencies.

Inspires Creativity

The last couple of years of being in and out of lockdown was challenging in many ways. After awhile I started to lose some of my creativity. Fast forward to my Dubai and Sri Lanka trip this year and I am buzzing with creativity. Not only for blog posts but my life in general and what I’d like to do less of and more of. For example, I was inspired to start selling digital prints on my website from my travels. Travel really puts things into perspective and hand in hand with creativity, it fosters gratitude.

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Comfort Zone

By nature I’m a fairly cautious person and love my comfort zone however, as I’ve travelled more and further, I am pushed out of my comfort zone. In some places I am the only person of colour and whilst it can be uncomfortable, it has opened me up to meet different types of people. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has enable me to take more risks and when things fail, I take the lesson instead of beating myself up. Life tends to be a bit more rewarding outside of the comfort zone.

Goodness in the World

Have you ever turned on the news and there’s nothing uplifting, life affirming or even remotely positive? Travelling has shown me that there’s more goodness in the world than we see on our screens. We often see the shadow side of humans which can skew our perceptions one way. People are inherently good which isn’t something that we are often shown. However, travelling has shown that we have more in common than we realise.

Spf is Still Important

My final point may seem trivial but skin cancer, hyperpigmentation and everything else isn’t. I remember sitting on a truck in Greece and forgot to put spf on my legs. I stupidly thought my jeans would be fine but there was a hole. They called me patch legs for a few months :). I was lucky but some people aren’t. Plus, who wants to go through the hassle of sore skin and peeling for weeks after? Wear the spf.

Of course there are more but these are the 5 things I have learnt from travelling. Let me know if you’d like a part 2.

As always, thanks for reading and until next time, be well! X

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