• How to Cope During a Heatwave

    how to cope during a heatwave - Lisbon

    Hello my lovely giraffes it's been hot in England and all across Europe. I love the heat, bright sunshine and wearing less layers. However, some days have been hotter than Trinidad and Tobago. London can't cope with this and most people can't cope with this. I posted a few tips on my Instagram but if you don't follow me or have social media, a post might be helpful. Here are my tips on how to cope during a heatwave.

  • Fun Summer Things to Do in London

    fun summer things to do in 2019

    Summer in London is pretty great especially when the sun is shining. There's always something exciting or new happening which gives you that neverending happy feeling. You know what I mean? Anyway I'm here to share with you all the fun summer things to do in London. A few fun summer things have already passed like, Wimbeldon where you not only get to enjoy tennis but the infamous Wimbeldon hospitality. Hyde Park and Wireless festivals but there's lots more in store!

  • Must Have Shoes for Summer 2019

    must have summer shoes for 2019- feature

    Hello my little shoe junkie, it's been a Jimmy Choo minute since I did a dedicated blog post to shoes. But today that's about to change because I'm sharing the must have shoes for summer 2019. I know you're probably thinking that it's too late, but honey it really isn't. Plus these are shoes you'd wear year after year. We're looking at longevity yet stylish, so read on!