• 5 Unexpected Things 2020 Taught Me

    Well Happy New Year mi gente! I am sending you alot of joy, good health and a gentler 2021. How has the new year started for you? Are you into making resolutions or have you decided to focus on the things you want to work on instead? For me, I'm not into this new year new me ish! Especially after the car crash of the previous year. However, even car crashes teach you something and here are 5 unexpected things 2020 taught me.

  • Top Tips for Saving on a City Break

    top tips for saving on a city break

    Are you planning to book a weekend break, but aren’t sure if you can afford one? There are lots of ways to save money on a city break. Between flights, accommodation, food, and spending money, the cost of a city break can soon add up and cost nearly as much as a longer vacation. With some travel know-how, saving money for your city break can be easy. Try some of these top tips for saving on a city break. I'm all for helping everyone save a bit of money!

  • 8 Christmas Movies Worth Watching on Netflix

    8 Christmas movies worth watching on netflix - majeang.com

    Well hello beautiful people! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit as yet? Me either! I'm a slow burn when it comes to the festive season. However, I do enjoy watching Christmas movies. They're fun and light hearted enough to help you suspend belief for a couple hours. So if you have Netflix or thinking of getting it for the holidays. These are 8 Christmas movies worth watching on Netflix, with some snack and drink ideas.

  • Christmas Gift Guide with Etsy

    christmas gift guide with Etsy majeang.com

    ello my beautiful people! Is it cold or is it fricking cold? Brrr! Anyway today's post is another gift guide. Except this guide is focusing on small businesses. Specifically, this is a Christmas gift guide with Etsy. I decided to share some love to small businesses who are selling on the Etsy website. Nothing here is sponsored and actually some of the gifts I'd love to receive.