An In-depth Guide to Using Skyscanner: Everything You Need to Know

To help you an in-depth guide to using Skyscanner

Hello my travel junkies, how are we all? I’ve been asked before about how I find cheap flights. I’ve even did a couple of posts before (here and here) on how you can do this too. One of the tips I always go on about is to use *Skyscanner. To help you, this post is an in-depth guide to using Skyscanner so get comfortable.

An In-depth Guide to Using Skyscanner

Download the Skyscanner App

First things first, download the app and create an account. That way if you’re on a long train journey you can easily search for flights. I cannot tell you how many cheap flights I’ve found whilst waiting for my train to depart. It’s great for when you’re ‘watching’ a particular flight. The app can notify you of any price change, which means you won’t miss out on any flash sales. Go *here to download the app.

Search Using the Cheapest Month Feature

This is a feature on Skyscanner that will enable you to search the cheapest date. Say for instance you want to go to Cancun and you’d like to know when the cheap flights are. Fill in the from and to sections, when it comest to the dates click on the departure section and a window will come up. There will be 2 options; specific dates or whole month. Select ‘whole month’, click on the cheapest month and search. See image below.

an in-depth guide to using Skyscanner- Cheapest month

In the next window you will be presented with a calendar of dates and prices. Anything in green will give you the cheapest price and red is the most expensive. Play around with the dates until you find a price that’s suitable for your budget.

Use the Everywhere Feature

Who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration from time to time? This is why I love this feature. It’s the everywhere option. You may have specific dates to go away but no idea where. Skyscanner can help you with that. Enter your dates and instead of entering your destination in the ‘to’ section, just click until ‘can’t decide where to go?’ pops up.

an in-depth guide to using Skyscanner- Search everywhere

You will be presented with a list of countries that you can look through to your heart’s content.

an in-depth guide to using Skyscanner- 3

Set Your Filters

My final tip in this in-depth guide to using Skyscanner is to set your filters. If you have a favourite airport, airline or time you’d like to arrive or depart, these are filters you can set. You can save your preferred filters in both the app and website once you have an account. You can also choose if you’d like to arrive and depart at different airports. Or if you prefer to travel with the same airline or combine airlines.

This is a handy feature that gives you the freedom to tailor the type of flight you’d like to have.

I was a big fan of Skyscanner even before I became an ambassador. It’s so easy to use and I have saved a lot of money on flights. They’ve introduced hotel booking and car hire, so they’re really a one-stop shop for your travel needs. An in-depth guide to using Skyscanner will hopefully help you to book better and cheaper flights.

Leave me a comment about your Skyscanner experience (good or bad). Remember to subscribe and until next time, be well! x

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