4 Fabulous Things to Splash Out On

4 fabulous things to splash out on

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Hello my lovely giraffes! It’s hard work being ‘Full-Time Fabulous’ all the time. Really, it is. There’s making time for all of your fabulous friends while doing the exotic and fabulous things, like travelling to Bali. Oh and of course there’s your own unique fabulous look you’ve gotta have going on. Regardless of whether you’re 55 or 35 here are 4 fabulous things to splash out on. They are utterly fabulous, cost money and time but completely worth it!

4 Fabulous Things to Splash Out On

While important life lessons teach that living isn’t all about money and possessions, sometimes it’s worth having nice things. It’s especially nice when the things are out of the ordinary. It’s shows you how your hard work has paid off. As long as the bills are paid, you have savings, the family are kept fed and clothed, what does it matter what the rest of the money goes on? Being fierce takes WORK. The beauty of working hard and smart, is getting to play harder.  The most amazing thing is that anybody has the opportunity to work to achieve all of the things they set to.

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A Good Car

Life is becoming increasingly too short to have to spend time getting buses everywhere- unless completely necessary, obviously. Having a nice ride not only makes one feel fabulous but brings with it the reassurance of a reliable vehicle. One of those reasons is a lot more glam than the other, granted,  but if one thing has to be justified by the other..there’s the reason!

 A sleek, sexy and sophisticated New Mercedes-AMG might be just the ticket when it comes to living the best life possible. Expensive? Yes. Totally worth it? Also yes, because it comes as a 2 for 1 deal. Assured reliability and FAB factor! 

The Staple Wardrobe

If Gok Wan taught us anything in the ’00s, it’s that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to build up the perfect wardrobe. The key? Layering. Experimenting with different combinations to find a look for different occasions, moving from day to night chic. You also don’t need a massive wardrobe to be fabulous. Rinse and restyle honey ;). Accessories are also important when it comes to switching the vibe. Splash out a little on a few, high quality, well-fitted items that make up the capsule wardrobe and the possibilities are endless.

Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are the budding capsule wardrobe owner’s bestie when it comes to inspiration.

Good Quality Shoes

Of course you know I had to include good shoes in this 4 fabulous things to splash out on. Those who work and play hard will know that, nobody ever really got anything of real meaning done in uncomfortable shoes. Remember when you got dressed up and 3 hours later you were limping because the shoes were mashing up your feet? Not a cute look or feel! Whether it’s slaying it at the business lunch or partying until dawn, the awarding feature this woman is what she wears on her feet. 

Fairytales taught that a woman’s life can truly be changed by a pair of shoes. Live by the philosophy and take the time to invest in a decent pair (or maybe one for every possible opportunity..needs must!). Some of my favs here, here and here.

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Finally, there’s nothing more fabulous than spending quality time with the people you love. What is a Queen without her court? Lonely, and surrounded by things. While it’s a privilege to be able to splash out on certain things, it’s also important to stay grounded by loved ones. Make time for those nearest and dearest because life really is short. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than love and spending time with those you love.

That’s all I’ve got for your today but I’d love to know what’s your 4 fabulous things to splash out on? Leave me a comment below.

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