2 Travel Services Worth the Money

Hello you travel junkies! It’s that time of year where kids have gone back to school and some airlines have sale on flights and holidays. Ooh yay! Since hitting 40, comfort has become more important to me and if you’re near my age then you’re probably the same. So here are 2 travel services worth the money in my opinion.

2 Travel Services Worth the Money

Airport Lounge Access Memberships

If you’ve never been stuck on an 8 hour lay-over before, trust me when I say, this is a blessing! Having access to an airport lounge has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Most lounges provide you with free wi-fi, complimentary food and drink as standard. Of course there are some lounges that have a spa, showers and even a quiet area so you could have a bit of relaxation before heading to your gate.

As I’ve mentioned previously (here), I have an annual standard membership with Priority Pass. This gives me 10 visits throughout the year and I can bring a +1 for £20. The next tier up are for those who travel constantly and there’s no restriction on how many visits you can make.

You can also check the type of bank account you have. You may have that included in your package especially if you’re paying an annual fee.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

I really didn’t think about VPNs until earlier on this year (read here). But now that I have, I am grateful to have been introduced to it. If you travel for work or work whilst travelling, you want to keep your information secure. Some parts of the world aren’t as robust with security as others and the use of a VPN can be helpful. Whilst in UAE, I was able to receive WhatsApp calls which don’t usually happen.

I have a subscription with Express VPN as part of a collaboration I did a few months ago. But you can look into others just make sure they state where their servers are situated.

These are the 2 travel services worth the money in my opinion. I think these will be great to look into if you decide to take a solo trip through Asia or Africa.

That’s all I have for this Travel Thursday. Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve booked a trip for autumn.

Thank you for reading and commenting. Until next time, be well! x

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