How to Stay Secure Online whilst travelling

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Hello my travel giraffes, how are you today? Travel is one of the joys in life for many people, myself included. However, let’s be real that it isn’t always waterfalls in Bali or sand dunes in Dubai. Today’s post is about how to stay secure online whilst travelling.

Stay Secure Online whilst Travelling

*this is a collaborative post with Express VPN


I hadn’t thought about getting a VPN before but, was approached by Express VPN to trial their service before my Dubai trip. For me it was a no brainer, given the fact that the online world isn’t always secure. I trialled the VPN for android phones because well, I have one! It protects your browsing on public wifi, encrypts your traffic and routes you through secure servers. In a nutshell prying eyes can’t see your business. To me this a great way of how to stay secure online whilst travelling. Losing money or having your identity stolen isn’t cute, both of which are very common! Plus you won’t be inconvenienced by geo restrictions that some countries have ;). If you want to learn more about Express VPN you can check it out here.

Notify your Bank

So you have your Express VPN installed on your phone and my next tip on how to stay secure online whilst travelling is to notify your bank. That way they have a note on your account that you’re in some far flung part of the world for 3 weeks. The bank can monitor your transactions and will be able to support you should things go wrong. I’m a big fan of American Express for this. They’re incredibly fast with their service and customer service is pretty good!

Apply for a Prepaid Debit/Credit card

This would be especially good for those who are travelling abroad for a few months. You can load a specific amount on the card and use it as a normal credit or debit card. This not only prevents you from overspending in one go but, protects the bulk of your money which is sitting in a separate bank account. For instance, you could transfer £300 for time in Vietnam and should your card details get stolen online the rest of your money is safe.

Those are my tips on how to stay secure online whilst travelling. Do you have any tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below. Have you tried using a VPN before? You can read more about Express VPN and how they protect you home and abroad here.

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