3 Must Have Coats for Autumn

3 must have coats for autumn

Hello, my fashion giraffes! As much as I am a summer girl, I have to admit that there’s something about autumn fashion that I love. Hence, another post today! Last week was a rinse and restyle post. This week I’m sharing the 3 must have coats for autumn.

3 Must Have Coats for Autumn

Before I share my 3 must have coats for autumn, I’d like to take a minute to discuss sustainability. We all know that fashion is a really big contributor to climate change. So, if you don’t already own one of the 3 and can see how it will benefit you try vintage, second hand shops or a fashion conscious brand. Also, remember quality over quantity.

Trench Coat Must Have

Living in London, of course I must go for a trench coat. I can’t seem to survive autumn without one. Apart from a puffy winter coat, my trench coat is probably my most worn outwear garment.

Because I knew it would take a beating, I needed something that could withstand my life. With that in mind, a Burberry trench coat was what I set my eyes on. Let’s not beat around the bush, they’re an investment piece but they withstand the test of time. I actually purchased mine second hand for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. Even managed to get £50 knocked off. Vestiaire Collective usually stocks vintage trench coats so check them out.

When looking for a trench coat, look at the fabric composition. It’ll be even better if you could touch the fabric. Think about how and what you’ll wear underneath it. A thin knit jumper with jeans? Or are you going to wear it mostly to work. Double breasted. Single breasted. Finally, is it long enough for your needs? If you found the perfect second hand jacket but it’s too long, just get it altered. Alterations will give you the perfect fit.

Leather/Faux leather Jacket

Leather jackets (real or faux) are the epitome of cool. These jackets give off such an effortless vibe, that of course it needed to be included in this list. These jacket come in a variety of cuts and styles so there’s something for everyone.

Leather is one of the trends for this season, although to be honest, it’s always in season for me. With real leather, as time goes by, the leather stretches and moulds around you. Once you find the perfect jacket, there won’t be any need to purchase another.

Faux leather jacket – Mango; Real leather jacket – All Saints

If you don’t already have this must have coat for autumn, you need to think about a few things. Firstly, the colour of the jacket. Are you standard black or would you prefer a tan colour? What cut will suit your shape and life? Cropped? Aviator style? Or a blazer style coat? Whatever you decide just make sure it fits your shoulders properly.

Denim Jacket

I consider the humble denim jacket a necessity in this list. Autumn can be a funny old season. One minute its cold and rainy, next it almost feels summer like. When it’s too warm for a trench coat or leather jacket, the denim jacket slots in like a glove.

Like the other 2, there are many shapes, colours and fits to choose from. Personally, I find a boyfriend shape flattering because I fit a hoodie under it which is perfect for flights.

3 must have coats for autumn

I have 2 favourite denim jackets in my cupboard. One is in a dark blue/grey colour that I purchased in a charity shop and did some diy on. Read more here.

The other jacket is the Levi’s trucker jacket which is a staple in my wardrobe.

3 must have coats for autumn- levis trucker denim jacket

These are my 3 must have coats for autumn. Personally, I believe that once you have these then you won’t need any others. I’d love to what yours are. Let me know in the comments, I might have something missing 🙂

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