How to Travel Solo When You’re Over 30

how to solo travel when you're over 30

Hello my travel giraffes! How are you doing the start of this autumn? I’m still wishing for summer but, I do enjoy watching the leaves turn to warmer hues. Anyways, I’ve been told a few times that I’m ‘brave’ for travelling solo and I think everyone is able to this. More and more people in their 30’s are taking time out to travel to places they’ve dreamed of for years. To be honest I think it’s the best time to travel because you have more disposable income and most are established in their careers. Plus you are more confident in who you are as a person and are willing to try new experiences. So if you’re itching to take that solo trip then here’s how to travel solo when you’re over 30.

How to Travel Solo When You’re Over 30

Decide Where You Want to Go

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and travel solo. Bravo! First off you need to decide on where you want to go and how long for. It may be a weekend break to Amsterdam or, a month travelling through the African continent. Wherever and however long you decide to go for you, it’s important for you to do some research because knowledge is power. If going away solo for the first time especially if it’s further afield, is overwhelming you could look into joining a group of like-minded solo travellers.

Suggestions for where to solo travel

Make A Budget

This is the most important tip in my how to travel solo when you’re over 30 guide. You may be able to flash the cash but making a budget is still necessary. It doesn’t have to be a shoe-string budget but still creating a budget will enable you to know what you have to spend and on what. Do some research into how much food costs and what you want to spend. Think about the sites and places you want to visit and check out the prices. Finally, how will you move around the country that you’re in? How much does public transport? Is it cheaper to use Uber or local taxis?

Travelling on a budget

how to travel solo when you're over 30


This is a biggie especially if you’re travelling solo. When looking for accommodation, cleanliness and location are key. Read the reviews and more than 2! Pay attention to reviews that mention location and ease of transport. Also, look out for anything that talks about whether rooms were clean and tidy. I use * and Air BnB to compare prices. Sometimes it’s better to stay in an apartment verses a hotel.

Mindset for Travelling Solo

You might think that having a travelling mindset are reserved for professional travellers. It really isn’t, it’s for everyone who has a desire to travel. A travel mindset is about being in the moment every step of your trip. From planning your trip to getting on the plane to trying new foods.

Those are my tips on how to travel solo when you’re over 30. Have I missed out any tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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