Travelling on Budget

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Hello my travel giraffes how are we all on this Thursday? August is coming to an end and so is summer but that doesn’t mean your travel plans need to end. You had a blast on your summer holiday and let’s be frank, you need another one soon! I know, me too! So today’s post is all about travelling on budget.

Travelling On Budget

Flexible Dates

If you aren’t tied to specific times of the year to take your holidays, look for flights and hotels out of season or end of the season. For instance, summer is coming to an end so this will be the perfect time to look for a bargain. If you feel you’ve been cheated of your summer sun, check the places like Santorini or Venice!


Most airlines and travel websites have a sale at least twice a year; after Christmas and mid-summer. Sometimes, they will have a mini sale on certain locations or, 20% here and there. Keep your eyes peeled and sign up to various airline websites so you’re notified of the discounts and sales.

Travel Light

If you’re going away for about 7-10 days, learn to pack only a carry-on. It saves you on checking in baggage on budget airlines. Or, for airlines like BA who’s carry-on only flights are cheaper than the ones where you check your baggage.

travelling on budget- Crucifixation of Christ inside La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


2 for 1

One of my travel highlights this year was travelling solo for the first time to Barcelona, which was great! However, hotels for one can be expensive. It’s almost like you’re being penalised for not having a travel buddy! Don’t get me started! Anyway, something I noticed is that some hotels, not all, are slightly cheaper if you book for 2 đŸ˜‰

Purchase in Advance

My final tip is to book sightseeing and public transport tickets in advance if you can. Pre-booking allows you to skip the queues and get money off. I know you can’t do this for every place but, it’s worth checking before you fly.

These are my tips for travelling on budget, what are yours? Share in the comments below, I would love to learn some new ones.

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