Saving Money: 7 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

7 things you're forgetting to do

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Hello my lovely giraffes. I’m always sharing fashion outfit ideas, travel guides or tips and beauty related info. The one topic I haven’t really spoken about is, money. We need money to pay for flights, no matter how cheap you may get them. You need money for those hot shoes. Basically you need money for a lot of things including savings. Here are 7 things you’re forgetting to do when it comes to saving money.

7 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

Use Cashback Websites to Save

I’m starting with an easy one that we all forget, myself included. Sign up to a cashback website or 2 and use them every time you shop online. Every bit adds up and you would be surprised at how much you get back after 6 months. There’s Quidco and Topcashback, both of which I’ve used and still use.

Vouchers and Coupons

Cashback is the modern way of saving but don’t forget voucher codes and coupons. The app Karma is great for finding discount codes so you don’t have to google around for them. There’s a multitude of websites where you can find coupons or vouchers on. Check out for coupons and deals.

Automate Your Savings

Just like your household bills are paid via direct debit or standing order, so should your savings. Automate them so you don’t have to think about it. Every month a certain amount comes out and what you have left, after bills is yours to do as you wish. Plus, if you have extra one month, you can add more on top of the savings.

Opening Up an ISA or Similar

A cash ISA has probably been a great savings account for me to open. I get tax-free interest up to a certain amount and I can compound the amount each tax year. There are different types of ISA’s including ones that can help you save for a house. So you can find the right one for you. The best bit is that you earn a bit more interest than a regular savings account.

Credit Cards

I have a love hate relationship with credit cards but, they’re a necessary evil. There are a variety of cards on the market that you will find something for your needs. You can even find credit cards you can earn airmiles from. There are credit cards that can help you rebuild your credit rating. That’s another thing credit cards are good for if you use them properly. That’s why it has a place in my 7 things you’re forgetting to do when it comes to money. If you’re someone who has a massive credit card balance and is looking for a way to pay it off. Perhaps a *personal loan might be helpful and you can start by using a credit card interest calculator to find out if this will be beneficial. There are many companies that offer this to those looking for a loan, so you can see just how much interest you will be paying on your credit card.

 7 things you're forgetting to do

Utility Shopping

Most of us humans are brand loyal. Stop it! If you’re being offered a better deal on your gas and electricity, run to it. The money saving expert website has an energy club you can join to help you save money. You don’t need to stay with the same supplier. It’s your money and just think of how much you could save.

Bank Accounts

Ever wondered what benefits your bank account gives you? There are so many different types of accounts that are beneficial to you. For instance, some accounts come with cashback on utility bills. Not bad for paying your council tax. Some banks will pay to switch to them. Thank your Mr Bank for that extra £150! Dig into what benefits you’re entitled to because your money needs to work for you.

Thinking about Retirement

If you’re 25 you need think about your retirement. Same goes for 30, 35 and 40. There will come a time when you will want to stop working full-time. You would want to have a comfortable life where you aren’t restricted by the piddly monthly income from the government. If you’re getting a pension from your company and can top up, do it. You’re investing in yourself.

Regardless of what we think or believe, money is an important aspect of our lives. Having a healthy relationship with money can help us enjoy life and be more present for ourselves and loved ones.

Let me know what you think about money and the list of 7 things you’re forgetting to do with money. Leave me a comment below.

Until next time, be well! X

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