Simple Things I Learnt Being A Skincare Junkie

simple things I learnt being a skincare junkie- Facial in a stick by Alex Steinherr X Primark

Hello my fellow skincare junkies! If you live in the UK, autumn has truly arrived in all it’s glory. Translation: it’s wet and cold! Anyway, today I’m sharing simple things I learnt being a skincare junkie. I have done a previous post (here) and wanted to follow up on this. Remember to share what you have learnt in the comments below.

Simple Things I learnt being a Skincare Junkie

Be Skin Loyal Not Brand Loyal

I am a skincare product junkie and I am not ashamed to admit this. Once I find a brand that makes amazing skincare, bet ya bottom dollar I am on it. However, I have learnt through the years that not everything is for me, no matter how much I love the brand. You have to be loyal to the needs of your skin despite, all the hype that surrounds a particular brand. Do yourself a favour and use the products that work for you.

Gentle Wins the Race

Do you remember when the apricot scrub was all the rage and you were scrubbing your life away? We all thought that we were getting rid of the dead skin cells to end up with the best skin ever! Wrong! Fast forward to 2019 and we realise that those type of scrubs created micro tears in your skin. Gentle products used regularly have more impact than being harsh and careless with your skin. Trust me, I’m now having to deal with the after effects of those harsh scrubs and it’s expensive!

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All You Need is 60 Seconds

Another one of those simple things I learnt being a skincare junkie is to take my time. Clean skin does not happen in 10 seconds, it really doesn’t! You need about 60 seconds to really get your face clean. I’m a huge advocate of the 60 second rule and I believe that properly cleansing your skin can do wonders. Go try it and let me know how you get on after a week.

No Touching Please!

My final tip is about face touching. Have you noticed how many times you touch your face? It’s a lot and you don’t even realise because it’s such a habit that we have ingrained in us. Here’s a tip, wash your hands thoroughly before you do anything related to your face. Imagine cleansing your skin and you’ve got dirty hands, it’s like opening the door to bacteria welcoming it with open arms. Issa no!

Simple things I learnt about skincare-

These are the simple things I learnt being a skincare junkie, so far. I’m on a journey and will continue to share what I learn. What have you learnt? Leave me a comment below and remember to subscribe.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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