• Tatcha Japanese Beauty Review

    Tatcha Japanese beauty review

    Hello beautiful beauty junkies! Today's post is a Tatcha Japanese beauty review. I've been interested in trying this brand for ages! Finally it arrived and I was hesitant because of the price. It isn't a cheap brand however, they do have their travel minis which is much more affordable. Also, a little goes a long way because some of these products I've been using consistently for 2 months. Anyway, let's get go!

  • How To Exercise More In Your Daily Life

    How To Exercise More In Your Daily Life

    Hello beautiful people! Apart from being a travel junkie, I'm also all about health so you can live your best life. Today's post is about your physical health and how to exercise more in your daily life. If you are keen to try and care for your health better, you’ll of course know that exercise is always a big part of that. Let's face it, going to the gym isn't for everyone but there are ways to get your exercise in. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure you are exercising more in your daily life from now on, and enjoy the benefits of that.

  • My Current Morning Routine

    current morning routine - majeang.com

    Welcome back to the blog you beautiful human! Something no one asked for but, I'm sharing my current morning routine. I was really giving a snake legs and complicating things and it wasn't working for me. After really thinking about what was important and works for me, I narrowed it down to a few things. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration or ideas, if you're looking for a morning routine. Side note, none of this ground breaking.