4 Tips to Protect Your Skin During Winter

4 tips to protect your skin during winter

Hello beauties! If you live in England or anywhere that has 4 seasons in the western world, we’re experiencing winter. The wind, cold air and heating are probably wreaking havoc on your skin; both face and body. So here are 4 tips to protect your skin during winter.

4 Tips to Protect Your Skin During Winter

Introduce Oils

This tip goes for both face and body and that’s to introduce oil based products, if you can. Switch out one of your cleansers to something oil based. It can remove impurities and makeup products gently from your face without stripping it. It can help support your skin’s moisture barrier. This could also be a cream to oil product like the Squalane cleanser from The Ordinary. Or, if you’re into K-beauty, Ginseng Oil by Beauty of Joseon. For the body, I’m such a fan of L’Occitane shower oil. Talk about no dryness! I know some people don’t do well with oils, so my next tip might be for you.

Go Thicker

During the winter, it’s cold and you’re in and out of central heating which dries out your skin. So this might be a good time to go thicker on your moisturisers. Leave the lighter moisturisers for warmer days. Alternatively, add a couple drops of oil to your moisturiser. You can use rosehip or argan oil.

Turn It Down

Who loves a hot shower? Yup! I get it. You’re cold and it warms you up except, too hot can also add to the dryness. Actually, showering in water that’s too hot can hurt the cells in your skin causing them to not lock in moisture. I’m not saying to shower in cold water however, turn it down a little bit. Your skin will thank you.

Stay Hydrated

I’ve said this time and time again, drink your water. Drinking water can help balances out the oil and water in your skin. It can also help the appearance of your skin in a positive way. You can drink it cold, still, fizzy, warm with added lemon or, as a tea. However you get your water, please do.

These are my 4 tips to protect your skin during winter. How is your skin coping with the cold weather? Let me know in the comments below.

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