5 Skincare Brands I Love

Hello skincare junkies! How have you been? Today’s post is all about the 5 skincare brands I love. Now there are a number of skincare brands I enjoy using but these 5, I will always repurchase. Or save to repurchase when I need to.

5 Skincare Brands I Love

The Ordinary

It’s no surprise especially as I wax lyrical about their Squalane cream to oil cleanser. The best ¬£6 you’d spend on a cleanser. Apart from which there’s the hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and alpha arbutin which I really enjoy. I appreciate the affordability and for the liquids with pipettes, the bottles are made out of glass.

The Inkeylist

Another affordable brand where the products I use consistently, work. Let’s talk about the salicylic cleanser that lasts for ages and is great added to your body wash. Or we can talk about their hyaluronic acid which is a great alternative if you can’t get your hands on The Ordinary. There’s a whole range of moisturisers for different skin types and seasons. Thicker in the winter for added protection against the winds and central heating. Also, the ceramide night treatment for when your skin barrier needs some tlc is such a find! They’re sold online and in Boots.

Ren Skincare

Are we surprised this is on my list? Nah! If you’re a regular reader of mine then you would know how much I enjoy using products from Ren. My holy grail product is the glow tonic that does what it says, gives your skin a glow. If you have dark spots then the dark spot sleeping cream is the one. I trialled it and it absolutely made a difference. The prices are higher than the previous 2 but, the products work. Plus, they’re very big on using packaging that’s gentle on the environment. It’s not a green wash for them, they’re actually doing it.

Dr Jart

Can we take a moment for the innovation of the products that comes from this brand? The whole ceramidin range is simply a life saver and the cream mist is a product I always travel with. My skin stays nourished and moisturised throughout long haul flights. When I return home, I use the face mask from the same range for some added tlc. There’s also the range for sensitive skin that helps with redness and there’s also a mist that I use. It’s helpful to calm down the redness on my cheeks. Again you can purchase these products at places like Cultbeauty or at some Boots.

Dennis Gross

Another brand that I’m a fan of and that’s Dr Dennis Gross. This is where I first discovered the importance of using an acid toner. It loosens all the gunk from your pores and refines them. The innovative 2-step product has different strengths because we don’t all have the same skin. So you add the acid and then neutralise it to stop it continuously working. That particular product really helped my skin during the first few lockdowns in 2020. The Alpha Beta pore cleansing gel is another favourite of mine because it’s gentle yet deeply cleans the skin.

These are the 5 skincare brands I love. I really enjoy purchasing from these brands because the products work and there’s something for everyone. Have you tried of any of these skincare brands before? Let me know in the comments.

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