5 Places to go for Solo Travel

5 places to go for solo travel

Hello again travel junkies welcome to the first travel related post of March. Starting off with a bang! We’re heading straight into solo travel. One of the things I’ve learnt is that everyone has different experiences in different cities, countries and places. So these are my 5 places to go for solo travel where I’ve had good experiences.

5 Places to go for Solo Travel


Let’s start off with beautiful Nice. I’ve been here twice before and thoroughly enjoyed both times. First was for the Cannes Film Festival where I won a competition with Mastercard and had a glorious experience. Wouldn’t mind repeating it, ahem Mastercard :). The second, was to start the healing process of losing my mother. Despite the grief, blue skies, French pastries and sea air helped a bit. It’s easy to navigate using public transportation and affordable too! You can visit the Old Town in Cannes, Monaco, Eze Village and more. This is one of those places I enjoyed meandering around.

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Next up, Barcelona. No surprise there as from the UK it’s one of the easiest cities to travel to. As its a city, navigating around on the metro is pretty straight forward. The one thing I woud say is to watch out for pickpockets in busy areas. I meandered whilst there but my suggestion would be to buy a ticket for the hop on hop off tour buses. You can cover more ground and see more that way. For specific places like La Sagrada Familia or The Montju├»c Cable Car ride which takes you to a castle. Plus, paella and Spanish wine! Hello! Or should I say hola!


For Athens, I can only speak about my day whilst there and it was easy to navigate from the airport to the city centre. To save time, I booked a hop on hop off tram tour and strolled through the Parthenon which is massive! I’ve stated in previous posts that I would like to visit Athens again and this time I’d do a few tours especially wine tasting. Will you be adding Athens to your list of places to visit?


Another Greek destination but with more beaches and olives. Zante or Zakynthos is located off the west coast of mainland Greece. I did a bit of research and decided to go on a half-day tour. I’m not a girl to do a full day tour, thats too much of my time on a schedule. The reason solo travel in Zante is great is because most places you can walk to, beautiful beaches and a very chilled out vibe. Have you been?


The final place on my list of places to visit for solo travel is Norway. Now this is a fairly large country so you’ll be spoilt for choice. However, the one thing I highly recommend is to take the Flam train ride through the Fjords. Going on this journey has got to be one of my top 10 amazing journeys, so far. Whether you go in winter or summer, it will be beautiful and epic!

All of these places I’ve listed are easy to travel around which is really important, especially if you don’t drive, like me.

If you enjoyed my 5 places to go for solo travel please leave a comment and share. It helps a girl out. Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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