Why You Should Visit Eze Village

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Happy Travel Thursday my travel giraffes! If you follow my Instagram or saw my last travel photodiary, you would have seen that I went to Nice for a few days. On one of the days, I decided to go visit Eze Village because it was a suggestion by my Air B&B hostess. So here’s why you should visit Eze Village.

Why You Should Visit Eze Village

How to Get There

One of the things I found, was that it was easy to navigate around the South of France. I didn’t have the need or inclination to book a taxi or uber. There are 2 buses that go to Eze Village, they are the #82 and #112 which will drop you right where you need to be. You can purchase a bus ticket onboard and it’ll only set you back 1.50€. A word of caution, don’t get confused with bus #100 because you will end up at Eze-Su-Mer which is a lovely beach 🙂

I enjoyed the bus ride because you get to see some of the beautiful scenery on the way and it’s not that long either.

Exotic Gardens

I didn’t know much about Eze Village but when I got there, I was so blown away by how pretty it was. It feels like you’ve stepped by in time as it felt very medevial. One of the main reasons why you should visit Eze Village is to see the exotic gardens. Or Jardin Exotique d’Eze as it’s called. It costs 6 € to get in but it’s so worth it.

why you should visit Eze Village

Set at the very top, there are statues, plants, flowers and a waterfall all perfectly set against a beautiful backdrop. Some of the plants are rare and interesting.

why you should visit Eze Village- Exotic garden

It’s such a peaceful place to be especially with the views.


Speaking of the views, even on a cloudy day they are stunning! You see the landscape of the South of France and realise how breathtaking it is.

why you should visit Eze Village- views www.majeang.com

This is motivation for me to return another summer when it’s sunny, just so I can have a different perspective.

Why you should visit Eze Village- views of trees majeang.com

If you’re worried about getting hungry, there are a few restaurants along the way to the top. It would also be good for your feet to wear comfy shoes. Think cobblestones from a few hundred years ago 😉

Have I convinced you yet on why you should visit Eze Village? Would you go? Let me know in the comments below.

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