What I Want to Wear for Autumn 2018


Hello, my fashion giraffes! Welcome to the 2nd weekend in September! Hard to believe that it’s already here and soon autumn 2018 will be here. In case you’re wondering, autumn officially starts on the 23rd September so we’re still in summer! Anyways, although I am a spring and summer girl, I love seeing the changing landscape of nature and fashion. With this in mind, I’m sharing a bit of a wishlist so read on to see what I want to wear for autumn 2018. Hopefully, it will inspire you.

What I Want to Wear for Autumn 2018

I am looking at what is already in my wardrobe and will only add a few quality pieces. Let’s face it, there’s enough discarded clothing in landfills to last several centuries. So I have chosen a few pieces I know I can mix and match with existing pieces for quite some time.


I love a jumpsuit! It’s your one and done piece that you can pull out when you can’t think of what to wear. You can have a casual or formal jumpsuit. Or my favourite is to have one that is really versatile that you can dress up or down with the right accessories. I like these from Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, both of which are within a great price range.

What I want to wear for autumn 2018- utility jumpsuits www.majeang.com

The colour is also important so I stuck with neutral or muted tones. It tends to go with more items especially prints.

Animal print

This print has been around and never seems to go out of style even when it isn’t on trend. I’ll be honest here and say that snake print isn’t my fave. I don’t like snakes and when the print is a little bit too realistic I can’t wear it. However, if it looks more fake then I’m cool.

what i want to wear for autumn 2018 -animal print shoes

I’m hoping these pair from Dorothy Perkins are the later and comfy too because I think they’ll go with so many pieces. I’m thinking a simple jeans and t-shirt combo with a leather jacket.

Alternatively, these leopard print court shoes are perfect! If the others don’t work out, I just might have to get them. Again they can add something extra to a plain outfit and it proves my point that black and brown goes 🙂


I’ve been guilty of wearing cardigans like I’m 90 years old but, I have learnt from my ways…I hope! I found a couple of pieces that I want to wear for autumn 2018.

what I want to wear for autumn 2018- Asos cardigans

These pieces are from Asos and I think they are a little bit different and edgy. The grey long-line wrap cardigan you can just throw over some ripped jeans or leggings. Alternatively, you could just wear it as a dress. The yellow cardigan gives that added pop of colour because let’s face it, grey skies are coming.

These are the pieces I want to wear for autumn 2018. How about you? What do you want to wear this autumn? Let me know which is your favourite piece in the comments below.

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