Picture Postcards from Zante

picture postcards from zante

Happy Thursday my travel giraffes! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I was in Zante, Greece recently. So as with most of my trips, I’m sharing some picture postcards from Zante. I really hope you enjoy!

Picture Postcards from Zante

Views from Argassi

I stayed in Argassi and decided to stroll into the city centre which was about a 30-minute walk. Well, it got a bit longer because I had to stop and take in these beautiful views.

Can you blame me? 🙂

The Road to Navagio

You know those images you see online? Or those picture postcards and you think they’ve been photoshopped? Well I can tell you first hand that in Zante they are real. I took a jeep tour around the island and got to see Navagio which is the famous mountain that looks like a crocodile’s head. Plus the cave where you get to swim in if you go via boat. Something I plan to do when I visit again.

I once heard that people who grew up in tropical climates can pick out the various shades of blue. Having been raised in the Caribbean, I can tell you that in Zante I saw so many shades of blue I lost count. I hope you enjoyed my picture postcards from Zante.

Have you been to Zante before? What was your favourite experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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