5 Selfcare Things I Do

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Hello lovely people how have we been? I’ve decided that as the month of March has 5 weeks that it will be posts with the number 5 in it. It’s been a challenging time for many people so selfcare is very important. We talk alot about selfcare on this blog because it’s a necessity not a luxury. So in today’s blog I’m sharing 5 selfcare things I do.

5 Selfcare Things I Do


I did a course of acupuncture treatments last year (thank you wowcher!) and would highly recommend it! Yes, you get needles stuck in you but it feels like pressure being released. Having acupuncture can help with pain, sleep issues, a sense of wellbeing and digestive functions. I have to say that I experienced major benefits and it helped with my migraines by minimising the frequency along with a supplement I will share later on.

Cupping Therapy

This is something new to me but I tried cupping when I went to Dubai. It was a strange sensation and some areas were painful but it was epic. My body felt sore, a good sore, after and once that subsided I felt so much lighter but it makes sense as it helps to reduce painful trigger points. Other benefits includes pain relief, improves mature scars and more. I had a brick in my shoulder and this was removed for at least a good 5 weeks. It’s now returned and I’ve got myself a voucher for a cupping session.


Another way I show myself selfcare is by taking supplements. Now this I do based upon my needs, so please check with your medical practitioner. For me, I suffer with migraines and magnesium has been shown to help so I have included this in my arsenal. Other things, such as, vitamin b complex help with a multitude of things. We don’t always get what we need from our diet (by diet I mean our food), so including supplements can give me what I need. This is especially helpful when you’re going through an incredibly stressful period in your life. Kinda like now!


There’s something cathartic about putting your thoughts down on paper. Seeing your thoughts in black and white can help bring perspective. It can also help bring clarity because what was once in your head is now out for you to see. Journalling is an important part of selfcare for me because, I am able to gain clarity and relieve stress. Do you journal?

Working Out

I won’t go into it too much as I always speak on this however, exercise helps me. I like pilates, yoga, HIIT and weights. Variety is the spice of life and especially for my workouts. As I’ve been doing a 75 day challenge which includes working out 5 days a week and my breathing is better. I feel stronger physically and my endurance is much better.

These are the 5 selfcare things I do for myself and I’d love to know what do you do to show yourself selfcare?

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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