5 Affordable Cleansers that Actually Work

Hello my skincare junkies how have you been? I love a new product like any good skin junkie however, not all of us may have the budget for new additions. Most of us 35 plus single women would have other life commitments that require finances. With this in mind I’ve complied 5 affordable cleansers that actually work. A disclaimer here, these are products that have worked for my combination with a bit of sensitivity skin.

5 Affordable Cleansers that Actually Work

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

This Squalane cleanser is a balm to oil gentle cleanser that is excellent at removing makeup. It also smells a bit like coconut to me which is a dream to use at night. I’ve had waterproof makeup and it’s easily removed it with out any tugging of the eye area. It’s a great first cleanse and doesn’t leave my skin feeling like all the natural oils have been stripped clean. A cleanser that removes makeup and doesn’t strip your skin, what more could a girl want? Well the 50ml is £5.50 and 150ml is £13.90. I would say it’s pretty good especially the 50ml for when travel resumes.

5 affordable cleansers that actually work - The Ordinary Squalane cleanser

Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel

I’ve spoken about this in my Medik8 review (read here) so won’t go too much into it. Essentially it’s a gel cleanser which is great for combination oily skin and contains mandelic acid. The blend of AHAs helps to exfoliate skin whilst unclogging pores and giving a smoother appearance. It’s also the most expensive cleanser on this list at £21 for 150ml. Trust me 150ml lasts a long time.

Cerave SA Cleanser

Cerave is a brand I heard alot about but only tried it when I had a consultation with Renude last year. They’re a skincare company that provides online skin consultations with qualified aestheticians and recommend appropriate products for your skin needs. Anyway, during the first lockdown my skin was having fits and the SA cleanser was recommended. This has been a dream to use and it lasts forever and a day. I only recently finished my first bottle. It contains salicylic acid, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Not only does it gently exfoliate skin but it helps your skin barrier stay intact and moisturise. It’s a pretty accessible product and very affordable at £12 for 236ml. Lookfantastic has a sale on and it’s now £9!

5 affordable cleansers that actually work - Cerave SA smoothing cleanser

Fresh Soy Cleanser

When I first used this cleanser ages ago, I wasn’t disappointed. Again it’s a gentle facial cleanser that didn’t strip my skin or left it feeling ‘squeaky’ clean. I think in my Fresh review, I pretty much raved on about it (read here). It has a gentle scent and is the kind of cleanser I would use if I would keep using if I wasn’t such a product skincare junkie. There’s cucumber, soy and rose water so skin is balanced, soothed and toned. Oh and the Fresh Soy Cleanser 50ml is only £12.50.

The Inkeylist Salicylic Acid Cleanser

I seem to have a thing for salicylic cleansers, or at least my skin does. Another affordable cleanser that does what it says on the bottle. If I feel a pimple trying to form, a few days of this and it’s gone. I’ve also started to add a little bit to my body wash and using on my back just to keep it clear. It works a treat, contains zinc to help control sebum and allantoin to prevent irritation. It does all that and costs £10.99 for 150ml.

5 affordable cleansers that actually work - The inkeylist salicylic cleanser

That’s my list of 5 affordable cleansers that actually work. Whilst I do subscribe to the thought that if a product works for your skin, then it’s worth the price. However, sometimes you just don’t need to spend loads to find cleansers that actually work. I’d love to know if you have tried any of these cleansers before? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and until next time, be well! x

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