7 Airport Hacks to Make Your Trip Easy

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Why hello there beautiful travel fiends! Summer is peak travel time which can means aiports are busy and just overflowing with people. If you are travelling this summer here are 7 airport hacks to make your trip easy. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be delays or fraught nerves but hopefully they’ll ease some of that.

7 Airport Hacks to Make Your Trip Easy

Check-in Online

To start off, check-in for your flight online. It saves you time especially if you’re travelling as a family or, you’re only taking hand luggage. Plus, some budget airlines make you pay for checking in at the airport. I’m looking at you WizzAir. Save your coins for duty free and do it online. I generally set a reminder on my phone to check-in so I don’t forget.

Download Relevant Apps

Another hack to make your trip easy is all about the apps. Most airlines have an app which will allow you to check-in and download your boarding pass to your phone. This makes things handy and easy when you need to get to security. Also, if you have lounge access, use the app to gain entry by pre-booking especially as its peak season

Comfortable Clothing

We all want to look cute at the airport however, it needs to be comfortable and easy to remove. There’s nothing more frustrating that getting to security and having to unzip, untie and unlace. Then having to redo it all once you’ve gone through all the security checks. Keep it simple, cute and comfortable. You’ll thank me later.

Carry Extra Clothing

Keeping in line with clothing, if you’re travelling long haul, keep some extra clothing in your carry-on. In the unfortunate event your luggage is misplaced or, someone else accidentally picks it up you’ll be okay. A couple pairs of underwear, sleepwear and travel sized versions of your skincare. If you can also fit in an outfit that will also be great.

7 airport hacks to make travel easy

USB Charging Cable

This is a lifesaver as there’s nothing worse than having a low charge whilst waiting for your delayed flight. Most airports and lounges will have usb outlets and some planes do as well. It saves you the extra hassle of trying to find the right plug. An extra tip is to make sure the usb cable is longer than the ones you get with your phone. Many a hotel I’ve stayed at don’t think out the room layout properly.

Buy a Meal

This airport hack are for my budget fliers. Yes the flight might only be 3 or 4 hours but people do get hungry. Save your coin and purchase a meal deal at the airport because most times it works out cheaper than purchasing on the flight. If you’re flying out of the UK, I suggest a Boots meal deal because it’s around £5 for a main, drink and snack. Even if you don’t eat it on the plane, you can save it for the hotel. Trust me, flying is hungry business!

DIY check-in baggage

My final hack is to check your baggage yourself, if possible. A number of airlines have that option and you can simply drop off your bag after putting the tags on. For instance, British Airways has self service bag drops at Heathrow T5, Gatwick and City Airports. Check if your airline offers this as an option. If not, queue at the counter closest to the Business class desk. They’ll start seeing other customers as soon as business customers have been handled.

These are my 7 airport hacks to make your trip easy. Have you tried any of these before? If you’re travelling this summer, I hope you have a stress free and fun summer.

Thanks for reading and until next time, be well! X

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