5 Movies That Inspire Wanderlust

Hello my travel bunnies! We see a lot of people on social media showcasing travel and it’s dreamy but I have to give it to the OG, movies. Movies and tv shows, shot in dreamy locations can get the travel fiends heart beating. So I’m sharing 5 movies that inspire wanderlust.

5 Movies That Inspire Wanderlust

Under the Tuscan Sun

The movie follows a recently divorced writer who spontaneously decides to buy a villa in Tuscany. The story showcases her growth with Tuscany as the backdrop. It’s a love story but of someone falling in love with themselves and their chosen life. It was the movie that made me fall in love with Italy before stepping foot in Italy since I watched it whilst living in T&T. It’s also the reason I try to visit a different part of Italy each year and wanting to revisit certain parts.

The Tourist

Sticking to Italy but this time Venice. When I first saw this movie, I wanted to be as stylish as Elise (female main character) and ride through the waterways of Venice. During a European trip to mend a broken heart Frank encounters Elise and what ensues is a dangerous cat and mouse game. It’s a visual feast for the eyes for fashionistas and travel fiends alike. Have I been to Venice? You know the answer to that 😉

Atomic Blonde

Set in Berlin in the 80s with Charlize Theron who is giving the singer Blondie vibes. This is about an MI6 spy sent to Berlin before the wall falls to retrieve a list of secret agents. Filled with action and espionage that keeps you guessing until the end. Berlin is a city filled with history and really easy to navigate as a solo traveller. Is it any wonder I was inspired by the movie?

Murder on the Nile

If you can’t tell, I love a good murder mystery, thriller movie. So it comes as no surprise that I love Poirot especially, Murder on the Nile. Not only is the storyline a good one but, the backdrop is simply drop dead gorgeous! Egypt has been a country in the back of my mind for years and I’m still to fulfill it. A boat ride on the nile for a couple of nights, visiting the pyramids and eating all the good food to my heart’s content. Sounds like it’ll make a great future birthday trip.

gray pyramid on dessert under blue sky
Photo by David McEachan on Pexels.com

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Finally, I’ve spoken about this movie before but thought I’d mention it again. It’s such a feel good movie about not waiting. For some of the movie, it’s set in Iceland with the volcano erupting in the background. Do I know how to skateboard? Nope! But did it make me want to visit Iceland? Absolutely! It’s also the place that I’d love to re-visit because there’s so much to see. The landscape reminds me of scifi movies.

These are the 5 movies that inspire wanderlust so check them out if you haven’t. Also, what other movies should I watch to inspire wanderlust? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Until next time, be well! X

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