Fitness All Day And All Night: Could A 24/7 Gym Help You Hit Your Fitness Goals?

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On the outside, the recent and quickly growing trend towards 24/7 gyms can seem like convenience gone mad. Surely some things just don’t work within an always-on model. And, is anyone really going to hit the gym at two or three in the morning? Perhaps not (though no shade if middle-of-the-night sessions are your jam!), but there are more benefits to a 24/7 gym model than you might realise. Even if you would never dream of hitting the workout equipment past ten at night, for which we don’t blame you. Could a 24/7 gym help you hit your fitness goals? You might just find that the increased accessibility and reduced pressure of the 24/7 gym model serves you well. 

After all, with fewer people onsite at any given time, and with the ability to plan workouts around a time that always suits you rather than gym opening hours, it’s often easier to stay motivated and get into a good workout groove. That’s not to say that 24/7 gyms are going to work for everyone. If you’re happy with your traditional gym right now, then more power to you. However, it might be worth giving your local 24/7 gym a go if you’ve previously struggled with the following things. 

Could A 24/7 Gym Help You Hit Your Fitness Goals?

Finding time to go to the gym

Time restraints are perhaps the main reason why many of us fail to get going with the gym. For some of us, morning workouts just don’t appeal, nor do we want to hit the gym before we’ve even had time to unwind from the working day. As a result, we either waste gym memberships that we never use or don’t bother getting a gym membership in the first place. 

Given that both issues ultimately prevent you from getting fit, it’s past time that you considered an alternative, and 24/7 gyms definitely offer that. As the name suggests, these gyms are available to you whenever you require, on a self-serve basis. While most gyms of this nature will have manned hours throughout the day if you need help, advice, etc., you can head to these gyms at literally whatever time fits your schedule.

It may be that you like to head out at nine or even ten in the evening after you’ve had a chance to unwind, digest dinner, etc. This would be impossible with a traditional gym that probably closes no later than eight, but your 24/7 gym will be open, (hopefully) pretty empty, and ready to bring your fitness goals to fruition at last.

Affording regular gym prices

Gyms can be great fitness resources because they keep us motivated, typically provide access to classes, etc., and also provide the opportunity to work out on equipment that you’d struggle to get anywhere else. But, all of this comes at a pretty steep cost in an average gym, where a monthly membership could set you back a fair amount.

Due to the reduced staffing and budget models of most 24/7 gyms, the majority of these options are more affordable than your typical gym. Admittedly, you’ll have to consider for yourself whether the compromises inherent in those lower prices are worth your while. After all, if a 24/7 gym doesn’t offer what you’re after (personal training, classes, etc.), then any savings are unlikely to be worthwhile. It’s worth noting, too, that there is a wide range of self-serve gyms emerging right now. By shopping around, you should be able to find a quality choice that still provides a whole load of benefits such as day-time classes and more if that’s what you want. 

Feeling confident

A lack of confidence at the gym is a surprisingly common phenomenon, especially for women who can often still feel pushed out of a traditionally ‘masculine’ workout environment. It may be that you’re not confident in your ability to use the equipment, or maybe you just don’t know what the latest gym trends look like, and so prefer to stay at home safe in your PJs. Again, the outcome is inevitably a lack of fitness, and probably a fair amount of self-doubt to boot.

As stated in these gym tips for beginners, gym comfort is key (it’s literally the first point on the list!), and that’s luckily something that 24/7 gyms provide in spades. Okay, they may not tell you exactly what you should be wearing or doing with your face, but the increased accessibility of these gyms does mean that they’re generally less full at any given time and that you’re better able to manage private workouts that keep you comfortable and happy. 

Over time, you may find that you actually like the buzz of a busy gym, and prefer to head to even this 24/7 option during peak times. To start with, though, building your technique, workout wardrobe, and self-belief in private can help you to break a whole load of fitness barriers. 

Accessing your favourite equipment

We all have a favourite piece of equipment in the gym, don’t we? Whether it’s the treadmill or the Peloton, these pieces are typically what we have in mind when heading to the gym. As such, it can be incredibly frustrating if those pieces are already taken up with keen gym bunnies who could be at it for hours. After enough wasted trips of this nature, why would you even bother going to your gym of choice?

Admittedly, with 24/7 gyms generally having the same amount of equipment on hand, there’s no absolute guarantee that you’ll always be able to use your favourite pieces. But, if you time your visit right (which you can do when you aren’t tied to opening hours), you should be better able to walk into a relatively quiet gym and step straight onto whatever piece of equipment you’ve got your eye on. 

Your gym journey is unique for you, and there’s no telling what kind of gym or membership will work best until you try a few out. But if you’re struggling to stick to a regular gym routine for these reasons, could a 24/7 gym help you hit your fitness goals?

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