5 Skincare Products I Travel With

Hello my beauty junkies how are you doing? If you follow my social media, you would have seen that I travelled quite a bit in July. I have been to Sicily, Barcelona and Amsterdam. In today’s post I wanted to share the 5 skincare products I travel with in case you needed some ideas.

5 Skincare Products I Travel With

I’ve had to change up my skincare a little bit because of post chickenpox scarring and focus more on brightening and clearing hyperpigmentation.

Boots Vitamin C Brightening Cleansing Gel

I started to go for chemical peel facials for my face but needed something to shower with. I searched high and low but couldn’t find a vitamin C body wash. I then thought why not use a face wash since I also use Cerave SA face cleanser. Enter the Boots Vitamin C cleanser. There’s been a hype over this product on Tiktok and for some reason it never crossed my fyp. I stumbled across in one day and for £4 I see why there’s so much hype.

5 skincare products I travel with - boots vitamin c brightening cleasing gel

I can see a difference and the marks are finally budging with the help of the vitamin C and YUZU. YUZU is an antioxidant that helps promote collagen production, removes fine lines and firms up your skin. Combined with vitamin C and you have a winning combination. It explains the hype! There’s an entire range with a toner, moisturiser and sleeping mask all at an affordable price.

DHC Cleansing Oil

For the days and evenings that I decide to wear makeup, I use this as a first cleanse. I was able to get 3 travel size bottles so I don’t need to decant. This is such a good makeup and spf remover. It’s really gentle on my skin yet removes everything and doesn’t leave that oily residue. I also like to use the Ordinary Squalane cleanser but for travel, I seem to prefer the oil. Perhaps it’s the size of it or maybe I just want to mix it up. Who knows? The travel size options you can get from Amazon for £13.50 at the last price check.

5 skincare products I travel with - dhc cleansing oil

Medic8 C-Tetra Vitamin C

I did a full review on this here, so I won’t bore you with it. Washing my face with a vitamin C cleanser isn’t sufficient so I need to use a serum. When I travel I tend to bring this serum with me because it’s one of my favourite mid-price range serums. I keep the empty bottles so I can decant and travel with. Love it!

47Skin Anti-blemish and Scar Serum

This is a serum by 47Skin that I was originally given as a gift by a friend. This serum has also really helped my skin and something that I have repurchased a few times. With my purchase they sent me a travel size one which I love.

The serum contains silver and chitoderm which is meant to reduce blemishes, fade scars and heal skin. As the consistency is light, I apply it before the vitamin C and they pair well together. A 30ml bottle is £29 and you get 10% off when you sign up for their newsletter.

Thank You Farmer Spf

Rain or Shine one must travel with an spf. Yes that includes going to places like Iceland and Norway in winter. I’ve spoken ad nauseum about spf and why we need to wear it all the time, regardless of our skin colour. This is the product that I travel with because a) it works b) no white cast and c) the packaging is travel perfect.

These are the 5 skincare products I travel with. Have you tried any of them before? I’d love to know what you travel with. Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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