London Fashion Weekend SS16

Happy Monday peeps! How was your weekend? I’ve had the sniffles for the past couple of days…signs that Summer has left the building! However, despite this I soldiered on and went to London Fashion Weekend on Saturday. This year it was held at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square. Really beautiful venue and the sun was out so even better.

When I arrived, my ticket was taken and I was given a wrist band. The reception area was incredibly busy and I felt really overwhelmed by it all. I had to collect my goody bag and didn’t know which way to go, so I asked for directions. The bag was designed by Mary Katrantzou which I was pleased with because I’ve always admired her designs (maybe one day I’ll own one of her dresses).

Tote bag

I had the Henry Holland catwalk at 6pm so with about an hour or to kill, I decided to peruse the pop up shop that was on offer and came across these beautiful shoes…


But the highlight was getting to meet Lucy Choi (she’s Jimmy Choo’s niece) and trying on one of her shoe designs. They were so comfortable and I regret not purchasing them because quite frankly they had a place in my collection and I am a shoeaholic. There I admit it 🙂

Lucy Choi


Swatch watches are always there and never cease to amaze me with their designs and colours…

Swatch watches


Finally it was time to for the show and I was looking forward to seeing Henry Holland’s collection as he’s known to have really vibrant and unique pieces. The queue to get into the room where the catwalk was being held, was ridiculous as you might expect. What I didn’t expect was the complicated way we were directed. Up the stairs, into a room, out the room, along a hallway….you get the picture.

Eventually we made it into the room where the show was to take place and unfortunately I didn’t get a good seat 🙁 which was really disappointing and my photos came out completely rubbish which meant not one decent image for the blog. For this I apologise.

Henry Holland


What I can say is that his collection was vibrant with colour, had lots of stripes, faux fur and combat boots.

Whilst the venue was beautiful, I found the flow disjointed but, it was the first year in their new home so hopefully next year the kinks will be ironed out.

Did you go to London Fashion Weekend? What did you enjoy? Did you find it a bit disjointed?

Thank you for reading and until next time be well.

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