10 Affordable Skincare Products £20 and Under

10 affordable skincare products £20 and under- Dr Jart cream mist

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Hello skincare junkies! Are you drinking your water and being kind to yourself? I was thinking that we’re all about saving those coins, whether it’s for a cheap flight. Or, to save for that designer pair of shoes that you’ve been dreaming about for years. So I decided to share the 10 affordable skincare products £20 and under that I think are worth it.

10 Affordable Skincare Products


There are about 3 cleansers that I have tried so far that fall under the £20 mark, that I love. All 3 are gentle on my normal/oily with some sensitivity skin and don’t irritate me.

The Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta pore cleanser has been something that I always wanted to try and finally did! It’s has a gel formulation and is packed full of pore cleansing ingredients. The smaller size is around £17 and can last about 3 months. It’s also perfect for travel.

If you’re looking for something that contains salicylic acid, helps with black heads, is uber gentle on your skin and smoothens out texture. Check out the SA Cerave cleanser. Another gel formulation that does a great job of cleansing your skin without stripping it. The entire Cerave line is pretty good and has a great price point. It’s around £8.99 for the SA Cerave cleanser.

Finally, an oldie but goodie of mine is the Fresh Soy Cleanser which I reviewed here. Again, very gentle with a very mild scent that isn’t chemically. I think it’s one of Fresh’s cult products that just stands the test of time. It gently cleans the skin without harsh ingredients.


Although I am a big supporter of spf’s, I have to be honest and say that I have extensively tried only 2. I used to be that chick that thought her moisturiser with spf 25 was sufficient. Please note, it really isn’t. The one that I was introduced to is the Heliocare Spf gel with an spf 50. It doesn’t clog my pores and doesn’t leave me looking like I fell in a vat of baby powder. It costs a respectable £18.

10 affordable skincare products - heliocare spf gel


Chemical exfoliation is the way to go and can we please put down the St Ives apricot scrub. The micro tears in your skin aren’t worth it. Instead, I have been using the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha peel pads. If you read my review on them, you would know I’m a fan. You can get 5 in a box for £18 and you only need once or twice a week. My skin literally glows like I’ve ingested stardust for breakfast. It’s that good.

10 affordable skincare products- Dr Dennis Gross peel pads

Cream Mist

I was introduced to cream mists whilst the UK was in full lockdown. Lady Hirons was speaking about the Dr Jart Ceramidin cream mist. My skin was feeling a bit dry due to being indoors so much and needed help. It’s worked so well that it’s going to be a permanent fixture. I also use it since I started using prescription retinoid. Peeling? I don’t know her. Well, only when I skip the cream mist. It’s the most expensive at £20.


I’ve used a fair share of moisturisers in my time but none under £20 that really worked. Except, The Inkeylist snow mushroom moisturiser. Gosh I love this little power house. It contains anti redness properties and humectants. So not only is it moisturising, it is also cooling on the skin. Can’t beat it at £9.99

Lip care

There are 2 lip products that I use to prevent my lips from peeling. La Roche Posay Ciccaplast, which I saw on Melissa’s Wardrobe Instagram and she was singing it’s praises. Now I too sing it’s praises. Affordable at around £7 and just so soothing to my lips. The skin on your lips are so thin and you need to add moisture. Did you know that every time you lick your lips to deposit a bit of salt on it? Uh huh…me either.

10 affordable skincare products - lip care

Next lip product is the Sleep Spa Overnight lip mask by Alex Steinherr X Primark. Apply to your lips before you fall asleep and wake up to soft, crust free, kissable lips. You can only purchase in-store and I believe it’s about £3-£5.

Night Treatment

Let’s go back to the faithful Inkey List who not only have affordable products but they actually work. Take the *Ceramide Night Treatment which costs £12.50. This treatment is used to rebuild and protect your skin barrier. I used this when my the dermatitis wasn’t great and I overused the retinol…oops! I used this over a course of a few weeks and didn’t need to use a night time moisturiser.

10 skincare products £20 and under - pinterest pin

That’s all I’ve got for you today my skincare junkies. Have you used any of these products? What are your 10 affordable skincare products £20 and under? Come join me in the comments below!

Until next time, be well! x

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