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Hello travel junkies! It has been a hot minute since I did a travel post (last post). Anyway today’s post is all about how to help fund your travel. I’m all about the travel by doing it often and affordably, if that’s what you want. I am all for a luxury holiday but I’m not there yet and even if I were, I’d still use some of these tips! I’m sure you’ve seen or followed Instagram accounts or read blogs and stories of those who seem to have an infinite resource pot to travel full time. Or at least more than most and wonder how they do it. Funding your travel on top of your life commitments can be a big ask for many, so much so that the result is their travel is limited. If you want to increase your travel or looking for ways in which you can make it a possibility, here is some inspiration to help you fund your next adventure. 

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Become a savvy travel planner

There will be times when flights cost an exorbitant amount. Then there will be times when flights can be incredibly reasonable. It can be cheaper to fly across Europe than take a train across the country. If you know when the best time to book is you can save a considerable amount of your travels. Here is some advice on the best time to book flights and how to get cheaper flights

  • Book as early as possible. Most airlines will have the best rates when the flights are just released, so if you can book in advance do it. Also, be prepared to book during the sales.
  • Research shows that booking flights in the week and during the day can be cheaper than booking at busier times such as evenings and weekends. 
  • Travel off-peak. Off-peak travel will always be cheaper. 
  • Be flexible with your dates to take advantage of the best rates.
  • Travel light. Some airlines will charge more for checked bags, additional luggage or heavy items. Be sure to keep your luggage load low. 

Work while you travel 

It sounds like the dream job but it is certainly doable. If you have a career that you can do from anywhere in the world then why not do it from anywhere? And if you don’t can you start one or carve out a side hustle to provide you with a little more income? Perhaps your skill set would lend itself to becoming a freelance writer or graphic designer? Maybe you can set yourself up on a platform such as Metatrader 5 and derive an income from trading while you travel? Alternatively, if you are travelling for longer periods why not undertake casual work in your new destinations? Bartending, fruit pickers or even casual retail or admin roles are commonly available temporarily and are perfect for those looking to fund their travels. 

Book budget accommodation

Together with travel costs accommodation is likely to be one of your biggest expenses. To keep your accommodation costs down consider some of the following; 

  • Couchsurfing; this service will see you stay with a local host at your destination free of charge. 
  • House Sitting; a self-explanatory means of accommodation. You can stay in someone else’s house for free, the only proviso is that you look after and maintain it in the owner’s absence. 
  • Hostels; lots of destinations will offer up hostels. Hostels provide cheaper accommodation but usually at the expense of shared facilities such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. 
  • Opt for 3 stars; I usually book through and often times find that a 3 star hotel can give you the same amount of luxury for a fraction of the cost.

These are ways on how to help fund your travel. How do you save tips on travel? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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