7 Things I Learnt In Lockdown

7 things I learnt in lockdown

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Hello beautiful people! How are you all doing? In the UK lockdown 3.0 restrictions eased a bit more and non-essential shops have re-opened. This means people can finally get their hair did and have a meal with friends and family they haven’t seen in many months. It would be even more perfect if winter decided to stop hanging on. We had snow people! Sigh! Anyways, from the title in today’s post, I’m sharing the 7 things I learnt in lockdown because life is forever evolving.

7 Things I Learnt in Lockdown

Life is Short

Straight off the bat, life is short. It always feels longer than it actually is. We always think we have more time, especially with loved ones but we don’t. When I lost my mother and aunt in quick succession, it hit me incredibly hard. This third lockdown has been a reminder of how short and precious life is. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so please appreciate it and live.

Don’t Sweat the Small or Petty

If you find yourself steaming and boiling at a comment or thread of comments from some face-less people online, it’s time to leave. Recently, I watched a video where a woman was basically saying that women over 35 shouldn’t wear crop tops, mini skirts and god knows what else. I was not a happy bunny because, here’s someone else policing women and telling them what to wear. Instead of getting sucked into drama, I let it go. That’s her opinion and what are opinions? Just someone else’s perspective on a topic and not really based upon fact. I however, will continue to wear my mini skirts 😉

Travel is Important to Me

You all know I love travel (here, here and here) and if you’re new here, I love travel. Actually see it as part of self care and I really want to encourage more single women to solo travel. It broadens your way of thinking and you find yourself stepping outside of your comfort zone. Not being able to travel for over a year has shown me how important it is to my wellbeing. Also, I’ve come to realise that as much as I love to travel, I enjoy being at home too and balance is the way to go for me.

Keep Learning

You know I’m a big fan of continuous learning and think it’s something that we all need to evolve as a race. If the human race stops learning then we won’t progress and things won’t improve. Over the lockdown period, I’ve kept up with learning a language and did a few free online courses. For me, learning doesn’t always need to be formal and it can be simple as reading different magazines. Check out *Readly and get 1 month free with my link.

Inspiration is Everywhere

When I wasn’t travelling my inspiration and motivation took a high dive. In this last lockdown I realised that inspiration is everywhere. It’s in the courses I took, the movies, music, magazines, books and even the zoom conversations. I just needed to be open to receiving inspiration wherever it came from. Also, looking at other people’s creativity is inspirational. For instance, Audrey Leighton who runs an online vintage business and during lockdown she created the most amazing visuals for a her monthly drops. For April, it was all about flowers and it was beautiful!

Stop Feeling Guilty for Resting

It’s been a year of rest and feeling guilty for resting. Let me tell you, it’s exhausting and so unhelpful. I’m used to always on the go and became a human doing, instead of a human being. When I’m stretched then it’s not helpful to anyone or myself. Lockdown has taught me to revel and enjoy resting without feeling guilty. When the guilt is removed things seem to flow easier and effortlessly. I become a human being.

Take Risks

The final thing on this list of 7 things I learnt in lockdown is, to take more risks. When you understand that life is short, don’t sweat the small stuff and to keep learning, taking risks are inevitable. If you think about it, we take risks every single day. The aim is to make calculated risks and if it doesn’t work, then it’s a learning lesson.

These are the 7 things I learnt in lockdown, what have you learnt during your lockdown? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and remember you can sign up to my weekly newsletter or if you’re on Bloglovin, I’m there too! 🙂

Until next time, be well! x

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