• 7 Things I Learnt In Lockdown

    7 things I learnt in lockdown

    Hello beautiful people! How are you all doing? In the UK lockdown 3.0 restrictions eased a bit more and non-essential shops have re-opened. This means people can finally get their hair did and have a meal with friends and family they haven't seen in many months. It would be even more perfect if winter decided to stop hanging on. We had snow people! Sigh! Anyways, from the title I'm sharing the 7 things I learnt in lockdown because life is forever evolving.

  • 3 Easy Ways to Level-Up Your Skills

    3 easy ways to level-up

    I’m a huge advocate of continuous learning. To me, you only stop learning when you’re dead! Given what has gone on in the world in 2020, I would say that levelling up is incredibly important. Now, you don’t need to do this in a formal setting if you don’t want to as there are many ways. Here are 3 easy ways to level-up your skills.