Easy Ways to Care for Your Skin During the Holidays

easy ways to care for your skin during the holidays

Hello my skincare junkies! You didn’t really think that I would do blogmas and leave out skincare, did you? Oh no, I couldn’t do that even if I tried! This post is all about the easy ways to care for your skin during the holidays.

Easy Ways to Care for your Skin During the Holidays

We all know that our skin takes a beating with all the parties, alcohol, mince pies and way less water. Here are some easy tips to help you do better!

Interval Water Drinking

We all need water to survive especially this time of year. Alcohol, central heating and everything else in between can be drying for the skin. A way to keep your water intake up is by, having a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. Turn it into a game and and see if you can beat your score everyday. Get your friends involved too! Even skincare guru Caroline Hirons says you should drink water.

easy ways to care for your skin during the holidays- Rodial stem cell cleanser

Remove your makeup

Think of removing your makeup like it’s part of your religion. Every day you pray and thank god, everyday you remove your makeup. There’s no getting around it I’m afraid. Just do it and your skin will pay you back in dividends. You’re probably wearing heavier makeup to dazzle at your Christmas events which means thorough cleansing every night. I even have a lazy girl’s guide to help you out. Merry Christmas!

Check the Products

It’s colder and you’re probably partying a bit more than usual, or not! Either way, have a look at the products you’re using and see if they still work. Do you need a slightly thicker night cream? Or maybe you don’t need to use a toner right now? Perhaps some retinol or acids might be what is needed? Check in with your skin and see what products it needs or don’t need.

Pace Yourself

My final advice on easy ways to care for your skin during the holidays, is to pace yourself with rich foods. Try and add a bit of variety to your meals. For the meals that you prepare or purchase yourself, add a lot more vegetables than usual. Eat more fruit and not the fermented kind :). Do as much as you can before and after, to reap the benefits.

What are your easy ways to care for your skin during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below.

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