Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

You’ve made thoughtful and considered gift purchases. You probably read my ultimate gift guide to help ;). Now you’ve got to wrap them, or at least the physical gifts. So on the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, sustainable gift wrapping ideas.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Get That Paper

Are you a newspaper lover? How about reusing the newspaper to wrap presents? Or, plain brown paper and you can draw bows on it. Another idea would be to pick some dried leaves and stick them on the outside. There are so many ways types of paper that you probably have lying around that you can use. Put your creative hat on and get that wrapping done!

sustainable gift wrapping ideas


Instead of paper, you could use fabric. There are so many different colours, prints and types of fabric that you could use. Bows could be created out of tulle or satin. If you’re handy with sewing, you could stitch different scraps of fabric together. Alternatively, you could get fabric paint and add your own design to the fabric. It’s a way of personalising each gift, which will make the receiver feel even more special.

Recycle the Bags

I’m not talking about the bag for life bags. You probably have a few pretty gift bags, or fabric bags lying around. You could reuse them to wrap your presents. Or if they aren’t fussy, you could just stick the gift in the bag and hand it to them. This is definitely a case of what’s on the outside is more important than what’s on the inside.

Do you have any more sustainable gift wrapping ideas? Share in the comments below so we can all be informed.

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