Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2019

ultimate christmas gift guide for 2019

Hello my lovely giraffes! Welcome to my 12 days of Christmas where I post a blog everyday, except weekends, until Christmas eve. For the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, the ultimate Christmas gift guide for 2019!

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2019

This year’s gift guide will be divided into 3 categories: fashion, lifestyle and travel. I will also throw in some gifts for the men in your life in case you need the inspiration. Let’s go!

Fashion Related Gifts

I love fashion and I can’t help myself however, I’m finding myself getting more into quality items, buying from smaller brands and different ways of styling things.

Audrey Leighton Vintage who is run by Audrey Leighton, brings out a vintage collection once a month. And, once they’re sold out that’s it, it’s all gone! She has some equisite pieces that I couldn’t help but buy. For a Christmas gift, there are 3 items currently still in stock that would impress even the most challenging people.

First is the Anniversary pearl dress that only has M/L in stock and looks like the perfect dress to wear to that boujie NYE party. The next piecese are authentic Gucci and YSL buttons that have been turned into pendants.


You know I’m a shoe junkie so of course I had to throw in a few that I think would make great Christmas presents.

I wanted to start off with something a bit fun and this Kurt Geiger shoe fits the bill. There are other colour variations if your intended gift recipient has a more tame style. Boots are must during winter so I found 2 perfect pairs of ankle boots; Renn by Steve Madden for the girl who is into browns and beiges. Then a standard black boot from Dune, but with a twist, the back of the boot has a croc effect.


A lot of us have enough clothing to last a lifetime or, sometimes you would prefer to gift a loved one something unique or different. I’ve got you covered starting with experiences.


Nothing can beat an experience, except maybe a Chanel bag but that’s another story. The memories you create can last a lifetime. Examples of great experience Christmas presents are, Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, Skydiving, Latin dance classes, Hot air balloon ride and the list goes on.

Ultimate Christmas gift guide for 2019

Alternatively, if the person loves receiving flowers, how about sending them flowers once a month for 3, 6 or 12 months. I’ve used Freddie’s flowers before and the bouquets you receive are simply dreamy. Or, pay for a subscription service that you know they would enjoy. For instance, a magazine subcription to Home and Garden if they’re into decorating their home. If they’re a bride to be, a subscription to a bridal magazine might help them with planning their big day.


I have learnt many a skincare lesson and have pared back quite a few of the products I use on my face. However, I still have a few favourites that would make really excellent gifts for a skincare junkie in your life.

Fresh Beauty is a brand I have raved about before and this gift set is pretty good value for what you get. The glow watermelon sleep set is an excellent mask for us sensitves out here. Or if you feel confident enough, you could buy a few of their favourite skincare products and create the most wonderful present.

If none of this works, how about gifting them the gift of your presence? We forget that spending quality time with our loved ones is important. My last Christmas with my mother, I will forever treasure.


The final category in this ultimate Christmas gift guide for 2019 is one that I wax lyrical about for days. Let’s start with travel sized skincare because it can be such a pain at times trying to pack handsized luggage for a week plus your skincare.

Backpacks for Travel

A decent sized travel backpack is such an asset to anyone who is travelling. You need one that can hold your items securely and designed to sit on your shoulders comfortably.

Nordace is a brand that keeps popping up and from what I’ve seen so far, it looks pretty good and the reviews are positive. Plus one of the features I like, is that there’s a usb to charge your phone. Next up, is the PRVKE (pronounced provoke) which is unisex and great for those who are looking for ways to store their photography equipment on the go. Slightly more expensive but it’s a well crafted bag.

Travel Related Memberships

If you travel often, sometimes a bit of luxury actually turns out to be a necessity because it saves your butt. A yearly membership to gain lounge access would make a great present. A few that I know about are: Dragon Pass, Priority Pass and Aspire Airport Executive Lounges.

If the person is always looking for cheap flights, you can purchase an annual membership with Jack’s flight club premium for them.

Travel Accessories

If none of those work, get them a selection of travel accessories they will appreciate it. I love worldwide travel adapter especially with usb ports because I can charge multiple devices. Travel cubes are girl’s bff in packing organisation. They are great for long haul trips or trips for over a week.

Finally, for the ladies who are into makeup these toiletry bags are for them. They are made out of waterproof fabric and foldable. Another option would be this large but compact unisex toiletry bag.

ultimate christmas gift guide for 2019

Whew! That was a lot but it isn’t called an Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2019 for nothing! Let me know if you purchased any of these items or, if it’s provided some inspiration.

Look out the 2nd day of Christmas tomorrow!

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