Things to do in London for Christmas 2019

Things to do in London for Christmas 2019

On the third day of Christmas of my true love gave to me, all the things to do in London for Christmas. It doesn’t rhyme but you get the gist of it. No rambling, let’s get into it.

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Things to do in London for Christmas 2019

Christmas Pop Ups

The Henrietta Hotel in Covent Garden has an amazing pop up bar called Miracle. Bringing that Christmas in New York vibe with cocktail concoctions and alpine snacks to London. The pop up is only open until the 23rd December so book your table here soon!

Things to do in London for Christmas

The other pop up you can visit for Christmas is at Winterland. Not to be confused with Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This Alpine pop up is in Fulham and has hot tubs, igloos, games, roaring fires and everything you need to get your Christmas cosy on. Take a few friends with you, order some delicious food and have a few whiskeys to warm up. Book here and thank me later 🙂

Ice Skating

If you’ve always been called to glide across the ice aka frozen water, there are loads of places to visit.

things to do in london for christmas

The Tower of London has an ice skating rink in the dry moat. This is perfect for you to have views of the River Thames and London’s ancient fortress. The seasonal rink runs until the 5th January 2020 and you can book your tickets here.

If you have a thing for Tudor palaces, check out Hampton Court Palace instead. You can take in the views of the palace whilst you’re gliding across the ice. This is assuming that you’re not like me who will probably fall at every opportunity. It runs for about 7 weeks and you can get tickets from here.

Gingerbread City

If architecture, Christmas and gingerbread houses are your thing, then you need to visit Somerset House this Christmas. The Museum of Architecture challenged a bunch of Architects to make a city out of gingerbread! Oh and not just any city, it needed to be futuristic which would be very interesting to see! It runs until the 5th Jan and they even run gingerbread workshops. Click here to find out more.

There are a lot more events happening around London for Christmas but I selected these few because I wasn’t familiar with them and wanted to share. Hope you enjoyed the list of things to do in London for Christmas 2019 and let me know if you attend any of these. Also, follow me on Instagram so you can see if I visit any of these places.

I will be back tomorrow with another Christmas related post. Let me know in the comments if you’re enjoying my 12 days of Blogmas, it will help me to keep going. Be well! x

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