Handling Grief During the Christmas Season

How was your weekend my giraffes? Hope you didn’t get blown away too much by the wind in London? I have been recuperating from a packed week of Blogmas and my Fashion Photography course. I will tell you about the course later. We’re back today with Day 6 of blogmas and it’s handling grief during the Christmas season.

Handling Grief During the Christmas Season

Losing someone you truly love is something you’re never prepared for. They might have been sick and ailing but their death will still be a shock. You will still grieve and be sad. There is no magic pill, or quote to get you through the process fast. So this isn’t a step by step process of what to do, it’s more of a permission slip.

It’s Okay to Celebrate or Not Celebrate

I’ve come to realise that the grieving process is one that is continuous. Some days, months, moments or even seconds you feel okay. Some you don’t. Christmas is a tough one because there are external reminders of what you won’t be able to do again. This does not mean that you can’t celebrate the holiday if you want to. It also does not mean that you should if you don’t want to. Do what is best and feels right for you.

Little Moments Matter

I’ve always said that death is a great equalizer because at some point that will be all of us. So this Christmas season and every moment thereafter, embrace the little moments that bring us joy. It could be playing with your pet, having a hot chocolate with a friend or even decorating the tree because you want to. Life happens in the moments and they matter.

Take Time

This isn’t a race and there isn’t a prize at the end. Take time away or off, if that’s what you need. I’ve rescheduled and cancelled plans because I just couldn’t. Sure, I could force myself but why would I? People who really love you and care for you will understand.

Get Help!

I cannot stress this enough but, please ask for help. If you find that you’re spiralling ask. You’re not weak for getting help. Losing someone is hard enough and when you add Christmas on top of that, it can be agony. Reach out to friends or family. If that’s not possible or you feel comfortable talking to a stranger try, The Bereavement Trust or Cruse Helpline.

Handling grief during the Christmas season

I wish I had more to give you but maybe this is enough for now. Know that the acuteness of the pain won’t always be so acute. You will celebrate Christmas again but differently. You will smile again. I see you and know that I’m with you. That’s all I have for you today on handling grief during the Christmas Season. Let me know if this has helped in the comments below.

Until next time, be well! x

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