Easy Ways You Can Save Money for Christmas

Easy ways you can save money for Christmas

Hello my lovely giraffes. How have you been? It’s been incredibly cold here in the UK and I am convinced that autumn has left the building. Anyway, we all know that the Christmas season is quickly approaching which can be financially draining. So part 2 of my money series (part 1 here), are some easy ways you can save money for Christmas.

Easy Ways You Can Save Money for Christmas

Do Like Santa and Make a List

It sounds so simple but take a leaf out of Santa’s book and make a list. Look at who you want to buy presents for and realistically what you can buy for them. Also, be ruthless! I know its the season to be giving but you still have to eat in January and it’s good to prepare yourself.


After you’ve completed your list, think about your budget. I am a firm believer that for Christmas you need to have a different kind of budget. Firstly, pay your bills and leave enough to last you through next payday. Whatever remains, budget around that.

Use Cashback Websites

Tip number 3 in this list of easy ways you an save money for Christmas is a favourite of mine. That is to use cashback websites. I wax lyrical about how this is a game changer and it really is. You save money just by doing your regular shopping and every penny helps.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

It’s become popular in the UK where we have the post thanksgiving sales. This is despite the fact that we don’t celebrate thanksgiving. For me these are the sales where you can make big ticket purchases. Items you were already planning to buy can be saved until the sales.

Resist Impulse Buys

This is something that I am still learning but when I do implement it, boy do I save! We’ve all done it particularly when our emotions are a bit low. Christmas can be a bit of a depressing for some and some compensate with retail therapy. Instead of browsing online you could read a book, watch funny videos (clips of Golden Girls always makes me laugh) or you could talk to someone about what’s really bothering you.

Shop Around

There are several places selling the same item (mostly). Don’t always accept the first price that you are presented with. If you went in store, check online to see if there’s anything cheaper. Look for discount codes as well because they can help you reduce those prices.

Homemade Gifts

You know that saying, ‘it’s the thought that counts’? Well it really is true and what counts even more is if you made the presents yourself. I have a friend who makes the beautiful cards that I don’t actually want a present. The time and effort that she puts into making these cards are a gift in themself. So if you have a skill like baking or, perhaps you can offer babysitting services to your friend who need a night off. Or, offer to help your less than tech savy family member with setting up their computer equipment or phone.

Shop with Cash

If you’re old school and prefer to shop in store, shop with cash. Or if you don’t feel safe then open up a specific shopping online bank account that comes with a debit card. Think something like Monzo which is a digital bank account. Put an allocated amount on your card and spend only what’s on the card. Look it’s Christmas and a great time to celebrate but no need to spend a lumpsum that’s worth your retirement contributions.

Secret Santa for Friends

This year instead of everyone buying each person a present, do a secret santa. Set a realistic budget for everyone and randomly select one person to buy for. Everyone saves money and it’s less pressure on those who may not be in the same financial situation.

Best Gift Ever

Christmas isn’t all about presents, it’s nice but that’s not the main reason for the holiday. The best gift we can all give each other is time. Life is so fast paced that we miss the little yet important milestones in each other’s life. People die without rhyme or reason and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Maybe this year, give the people that really matter to you the gift of your presence.

That’s all I’ve got for you today and let me know what else you would other money related posts you’d like to see. Let me know what’s your favourite easy way to save money in the comments below.

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