• Rinse and Restyle Black Jeans

    rinse and restyle black jeans - feature

    Hello my fashion giraffes! This is my very first fashion post of 2019 and I am very excited! We live in such a throw away society that sometimes the things we have in our closet gets left behind for the latest shiny thing. In light of this I’ve decided to this series where I style an item a couple of ways. More if I can! I have decided to do a monthly fashion series called, Rinse and Restyle. My first post is, Rinse and Restyle Black Jeans.

  • How to Style A Dress Two Ways X Boohoo

    how to style a dress two ways- with leggings

    Hello my giraffes! Can you believe October is almost over and soon it will be Christmas dinners and parties? It feels like time is in overdrive. Anyway, today's post is a fashion related one and it's how to style a dress two ways. Boohoo contacted me to *collaborate on a post and I thought this would be perfect especially after my last post. Sustainable fashion does not mean wearing the same item, the same way over and over. Challenge yourself and get creative!

  • The Rise of Sustainable Fashion X All About IV Designs

    The rise of sustainable fashion- main

    Hello my lovely giraffes and welcome to autumn. The temperature has gotten cooler although, some days are still very summer-like which I have no complaints about. I decided to take a week off from blogging and think about what I want to do with this blog and how I can achieve it. Going forward, there will only be 2 posts a week from me and a weekly newsletter. That way I can create useful quality content for you guys and keep my sanity!

    Now let's get on with today's post which is all about the rise of sustainable fashion featuring All About IV Designs.

  • What I Want to Wear for Autumn 2018


    Hello, my fashion giraffes! Welcome to the 2nd weekend in September! Hard to believe that it's already here and soon autumn 2018 will be here. In case you're wondering, autumn officially starts on the 23rd September so we're still in summer! Anyways, although I am a spring and summer girl, I love seeing the changing landscape of nature and fashion. With this in mind, I'm sharing a bit of a wishlist so read on to see what I want to wear for autumn 2018. Hopefully, it will inspire you