7 Face Masks Under £10

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Hello beautiful people, welcome to October! If there was any hope of holding on to the lovely summer weather we had, it’s now truly over. In preparation for the colder seasons, I thought I would share 7 face masks under £10. As it gets colder we need to pay attention to the needs of our skin. For most people that means adding more moisture and/or hydration. Whilst face masks aren’t essential, they can give a little boost and it feels nice to use one weekly.

7 Face Masks Under £10

Dr Jart +

If you’ve read my posts before you would know how much I love Dr Jart skincare range, particularly the Ceramidin range. The sheet masks are amazing! There are 2 are that are my favourite and they are, Ceramidin Facial Barrier which is filled with ceramides that help strengthen your skin barrier. It helps give you supple, smooth and super-moisturised. Next there’s Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution that is filled with in niacinamide, gluthathione and a-bisabolol, this antioxidant-rich formula will impart radiance to dull complexions. They’re both under the £8 mark and the whole Dr Jart range can be found in Boots or Cult Beauty.

7th Heaven Hydrating Face Mask Pack

These are a 5 pack of different types of face masks which range from hydrating, deep cleansing and moisturising. They are clay based and depending on the type of clay, it’s either deep cleansing or nourishing. I’ve used this brand before and really enjoy using them. They’re affordable, does what it says on the tin and so convenient. Oh and they’re on Amazon at £6.99 for a pack of 5. Have you tried this brand before?

The Inkeylist Kaolin Mask

This face mask is made up of kaolin clay that helps to absorb excess oil and unclogs pores. It is a gentle face mask that leaves your skin even-toned and clear. It comes in a handy tube that you can throw in your hand luggage or overnight bag for a quick face mask. It’s also cheaper than a Starbucks coffee and sandwich, coming in at £5.49 from The Inkeylist.

Nip + Fab Vitamin C

Another sheet mask and this time it’s filled with my favourite skincare ingredient, vitamin C. Nip + Fab is the sister of Rodial that offers great products but more affordable. It also contains coconut water for hydration. This means you get brighter and hydrated skin which is a great combo especially during the colder months. It comes in at £4.55 for 1 sheet mask.

7 face masks under £10 - majeang.com

Elemis Herbal Lavendar Mask

This is such a luxury brand and you might think that you can’t get something for £10 but you will be wrong. This comes in at £9 for 15ml from Amazon. It’s a calming mask that contains Kaolin, Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender to purify and decongest lacklustre complexions. Its great for sensitive and blemished skin.

Garnier Moisture Bomb

I think everybody has heard about the Garnier Moisture Bombs and they have many varieties. All of them are super hydrating and contains hyaluronic acid and natural plant extracts. Each mask comes in at £2.99 and are biodegradable when you put it in the compost. They’re currently at Boots for 3 for 2 so you can try different ones and do the ones that works best for you.

These are the 7 face masks under £10 that can help during these colder months. Have you tried any of these face masks before? What did you think and how was your skin after using? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Until next time, be well! x

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