9 Must Have Travel Gadgets

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Oh hello there you travel junkie! How are you doing and where are you travelling too? We have all been waiting with abated breath until things improved. Whilst things aren’t back to normal, nor do I think they ever will be. It is getting a bit safer and easier to travel. With that in mind here are 9 must have travel gadgets or at least things to consider before packing for that trip.

9 Must Have Travel Gadgets

Travel Steamer

How many times have you gone away and when you take your clothes out of the bag, it looks like the iron was set on rumful? I’m not a big fan of ironing but also not a fan of looking like I rolled out of the washing machine. In comes in the travel steamer. Apart from steaming your clothes to make you look like you have your ish together, steam sanitises your clothes. Given the pandemic, I would say this is something that’s a definite must have. Here are a few I’ve been looking at, *here, here and here.

Do you have a travel steamer? Would you get one now?

Global Adapter

I have waxed lyrical about this before and will continue to do so. You cannot leave home without it, especially ones that have a usb port. It makes life much easier because not only can you charge your phone in whatever country you land in. But, you can charge your laptop and other electronic gadgets that you need.

9  must have travel gadgets - universal adapter

These are the ones I found that fit the bill, here, here and here.

Sand free Mat

Now this is something new I stumbled upon whilst doing research for this post. Imagine, you a beach lover with a mat that doesn’t get sand on it? The idea behind it, is that the fabric repels sand so it doesn’t stay on the mat. So when you’re ready to leave the beach it’s a breeze to shake out. Here are a few options, here, here and here.

I’m thinking this would have been perfect when I was at Paloma Beach in the South of France.

Water Bottle

This is another must have that I swear by however, this is with a difference. I found a water bottle that claims to keep your drinks cold or hot for up to 24 hours! I think this is a win win situation. Hear me out! You book an early morning trip to view a volcano in Iceland so you pour a hot drink and jump on the coach or car. For your entire trip, you can have a hot drink to warm you up. Alternatively, it’s perfect if you’re driving around Mexico and pour cold water and it stays cold for you. I think this is brilliant and it’s on my list. You can purchase it here.

Hand and Foot Warmers

When I went to Norway in 2020 and took the world’s most beautiful train ride, I definitely needed hand warmers. The ones I bought were disposable ones that lasted me at least 12 hours. You essentially take it out of the packaging and shake it. The particles in the pouch heats up and stays that way. I put them in my pocket and had toasty hands. These warmers however, are insoles but ones that keep your feet warm.

Sign me up for a few pairs!

Phone Bank

There’s nothing worse than being on the road and running out of charge. How are you going to take your photos and videos for instagram? Get a decent phone bank and every night in your hotel room, ensure you charge it just in case your phone decides to play games.

Some options for you, here, *here and here.

Travel Pillow

My most uncomfortable flight was to Perth, Australia on Cathay Pacific. The seats were so not comfy because instead of reclining, they slid down. A **travel pillow would have come in handy and ever since then, I always travel with a pillow on flights longer than 3 hours.

Oh and apparently most people use the pillow incorrectly. Essentially, you’re meant to have the U-shape under your chin instead of behind your neck. This makes sense and will probably give your neck and head better support.

Compression Packing Cubes

I have regular packing cubes but discovered *compression packing cubes when I was scrolling through Amazon. Like the name says, these cubes compress so you can fit more in your case. This is especially handy since Easyjet reduced it’s hand luggage allowance and increased checked baggage. Gotta love capitalism….not!

9 must have travel gadgets - Eono compression cubes

Sanitiser Wipes

My final must have travel gadget isn’t a gadget but seems fitting here and it’s sanitiser wipes. Naomi Campbell famously showcased her intense cleaning routine on a flight in 1st class before the pandemic. I think we’ve become a bit more conscious of the hygiene of our surroundings. So taking some wipes on a flight and even for your hotel isn’t such a bad thing.

These are my 9 must have travel gadgets and I’d love to know which ones you would add to your list? Let me know in the comments below.

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