Four Ways to Elevate Your Fashion this Year

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Hello my fashion junkies! How you been? Spring is in the air, summer is quickly approaching and fashion is popping! I’m loving the explosion of colours but, I’d rather not spend a lot of money on things I can’t rinse and restyle. So here are four ways to elevate your fashion this year.

Four Ways to Elevate you Fashion this Year

Fashion is forever changing from season to season. We may see repeats of fashion from previous decades but it’s something that’s constantly evolving. With that being said, if you’re looking to elevate your fashion this year and approach your style differently, then here are four ways to do so.

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Invest In Quality

Quality is always better than quantity. Sure it can be nice to have a vast array of clothing but in fact, if you’ve bought it all fairly cheap, then you might find that the money you’ve spent isn’t a worthy investment. Investing in quality will mean that your clothes last longer and you will also find that they’re going to be made out of better quality materials and put together using more professional measures.

If you do anything this year when it comes to fashion, particularly with fast fashion, try to invest in quality and choose a limited amount of clothing to have in your wardrobe at any one time. As well as it being overwhelming to choose from, you don’t want to clutter your wardrobe too much.

Buy More Accessories

Accessories can really help bring an ensemble together and make a great outfit. With that being said, it might be worth buying some more accessories to add to your wardrobe. Whether that’s some belts to keep your waist looking cinched to a few stylish hats that cater for various seasons of the year. You may want to change up something as simple as a watch with a nato watch strap. The more creative you can be with your accessories, the more it will add to your fashion in general.

Shop Accurately For Your Size & Shape

When it comes to fashion, everyone’s size and shape can be different. Even when you go by the generic sizing, it’s often found that they won’t match up to other stores that you’ve shopped in or you may find faults with how they’ve sized it up when it comes to your shape. Some have a mixture of two shapes, whilst others will have one defined shape. However, it’s something that changes throughout your life, so it’s good to shop accurately by knowing what your size and shape is, every time you go out.

Try to find resources online to find those guides on how to identify your shape and size. That way, you can shop more confidently in-store and online.

Plan Your Outfits

It’s good to plan your outfits so that you know exactly what you are wearing for the following day or week ahead. It can often be overwhelming to stand in front of your wardrobe each morning and pick something to wear. There’s times where you might not feel motivated and that can often be frustrating. So with that said, plan out your outfits either the night before or for the entire week ahead – weather dependent of course!

Elevating your fashion this year is something that many can have fun with and do to help build confidence. Hopefully these four ways to elevate your fashion this year can help you. I’d love to know what colour you’re going to wear this spring and summer? Leave me a comment below! Mine are orange and yellow 🙂

Thanks for reading and until next time, be well! x

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